Ameer Riyasath Case Study

HP has the ability to raise funds Internally and has had a recent capital Injection. Competitors are able to raise and generate funds salary to HP however at higher cost of capital Comprehensive MIS network HP has a centralized accounting & IT system to help in management reporting Competitors have state of the art information systems Multi divisional coordination HP has good coordination between the divisions due to the flat structure and managerial capabilities Competitors due their large size and numerous SUB are not as efficient as HP In multidimensional coordination International management

HP lacks global management experience in international markets Competitors have stronger International presence Strategic Management of Multiple businesses HP is strong in managing its businesses due to the leadership of Mr. Osama and managerial capabilities supported by a flat structure Competitors manage multiple businesses through advanced information systems, although, lacking the personally close knit culture of HP Research & Development Research capability HP has a strong research oriented culture and a well- known name for research and managerial capabilities and organization routines to support State of the art research agility focusing on healthcare solutions however lacks long history of research culture and dedicated and loyal employees Innovative new product development HP has a strong innovative culture and small teams of skilled & experienced staff who can drive innovative new products based on market needs State of the art research facilities to help new product development however lacks coordination and dedication by employees due to large size Fast cycle – concept to product An innovative culture, a flat structure with managerial and organizational routines, killed staff helps HP achieve a fast cycle Competitors are much stronger than HP in turning concepts into commercially viable products due to capital availability and highly skilled employees Technological superior R&D systems HP is research intensive and however has older technology State of the art R&D systems and laboratories Production Effective strategic sourcing & quality of raw materials Due to Mr.

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Gasman’s reputation over the years supplier relationship is strong and therefore effective in ensuring good quality raw materials Competitors exert strong force on suppliers to ensure raw material quality and availability Efficiency in volume manufacturing HP currently does not produce generics in large volumes to achieve economies of scale Competitors are producing large volumes of generics and therefore enjoying economies of scale Consistent quality of production Quality assurance processes are strong due to long history of experience in manufacturing Competitors have strong quality assurance processes Technological superior manufacturing systems Old technology and manufacturing systems due to lag in acquiring new maturating technology state AT ten art maturating systems

Continuous improvements & lean manufacturing methods Small teams lobbying for process changes and improving work methods Change would be slow to accept and implement due to their sheer size and crisis for control Sales & Distribution Effective sales promotion & execution Strong personal relationship with doctors and retailers Strong product performance but lacks personal relationship Efficiency and speed of order processing HP has a strong marketing and sales team however lacks online ordering Very efficient order processing. Online facilities for ordering Speed of distribution Own fleet and closeness to expressway helps HP execute orders efficiently Competitors have strong distribution network Quality & effectiveness of customer service Personal relationship with customers and small Subs who can respond to changing customer requirements Competitors have good customer service but lack personal relationships and inter SUB coordination Marketing Brand Management Strong brand management due to long rich experience Strong brand management Promoting Reputation for Quality Excellent reputation with customers, suppliers and government Products are trusted by Customers

Responsiveness to market trends Faster response to market trends due to small teams and relationship with customer Slower in responding to market trends compared to HP Environment, Health & Safety Cleaner production methods Lack of sufficient cleaner production methods due to old production methods Cleaner production methods and sustainability initiatives Influence regulatory authorities and government Mr. Gasman’s is influential and has excellent relationships with regulatory authorities and lobbying groups Influential due to size however lacks personal relationships 1. 2 Rate each capability by resource: I en Toweling tale details ten resources Into Del, Entangle Ole Ana unman & organization. Table 2.

Resources list for HP Tangible Intangible Human & Organization RI Enhanced capital adequacy through recent injections Patents, licenses acquired on new designs and technological products in hearing aids category ERR Trained & skilled staff with local industry knowledge Location of manufacturing facility near a main expressway Reputation & experience of Mr. Osama & relationship with high profile politicians RI 5 Flat structure with small SIBS Staff who can quickly respond Own Fleet for Distribution