America Today with Immigrants

Many people think that Mexican Illegal immigrants have a negative impact on the United States but they don’t see that immigrants actually impact the United States positively. Illegal immigrants positively affect the United States’ economy. “Immigrants do not take away jobs from American workers. Instead, they create new jobs by forming new businesses, spending their income on American goods and services, paying taxes and raising the productivity of U.S.

business”.(Xu) Immigrants have paid 55 million dollars in taxes by buying gasoline or purchasing American goods. They make the population grow which makes more people spend money on American products. “Immigrants have collectively earned $240 billion dollars a year. Of that $240 billion $85 billion went into public funds” (Xu).

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Mexican illegal immigrants take jobs that Americans don’t want. Immigrants usually take unskilled jobs like working in hotels, picking up fruits from fields, construction and more. “Teresa Zapatero says that immigrants take unskilled jobs because one, they don’t have education to take another job or they just don’t have papers” (Zapatero). Companies pay immigrants a low amount of money and the money that they don’t pay the workers allows to profit into the economy. Immigrants get paid a low amount of money and work for long hours to provide their family with food. Mexican illegal immigrants contribute their culture to the culture of the United States.

They bring their coking skills and make dishes like tamales, tacos, tortas, and rice with beans. For dessert they make flan, arroz, con leche, and churros. Immigrants also spread their language all over the country. They spread words like “hola,” “Adios, “Como estas,” and “caliente,” and more. This helps non-Spanish speakers figure out if Spanish speakers are talking about them or if they travel to spiking Spanish countries.

It is obvious that Mexican illegal immigrants positively impact the United States with their hard work, their cultural contributions, and positive influence the economy. But Americans don’t notice that. It’s time that they did! Immigrants are people that make a difference in the United States and