Should Illegal Immigrants Receive Proper Education?

On June 21, 1788, the Constitution of the United States of America was officially ratified, and the Constitution states that “all men are created equal”. This declaration in the Constitution is an immensely common knowledge for the humanity of the twenty-first century. However, it is very questionable and debatable to state that “all men are created equal” has not been put into affect onto the humanity of the twenty-first century. Of course, people might think that women, African-Americans, and male whites did get equal rights or more rights than before.

Still, women, African-Americans, and male whites are not the only ones living in the United States. People from all around the world immigrate to the United States because of many various reasons, including the illegal immigrants. And, since they are “illegal”, people tend to conclude that they do not deserve the education the rest of the population gets. However, the citizens of the United States need to consider this again, since the children of the illegal immigrants too, deserve to get themselves educated. Illegal immigrants, like it or not, deserve to have their own rights since it is written in the Constitution of the United States of America that “all men are created equal”. Therefore, as a citizen of the United States or as a person living in the United States, it is reasonable to follow the United States laws.

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Like many people say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”. So, since the illegal immigrantsit is evident that illegal immigrants do deserve to have their rights, which includes education for their children. They are the same people as any others, so why are we discriminating them from the other people living in the United States? Also, if the children of the illegal immigrants get less education, then it would more than likely for them to get worser jobs. Many good jobs such as a lawyer needs more knowledgable people, who know what they are talking about and can actually benefit the whole society. Of course, even if one’s not educated, they could still be wise and beneficial to their society.

However, it is easier to be of a help in the society if one is well educated. They will be more wanted in the society and in the jobs if they are well educated, and even if it is not about getting well educated, getting the basic education is beneficial since they can learn English and not just speak their own language which no one in the United States would understand and comprehend except for their family. Therefore, in order for the illegal immigrants to survive in the United States, people need to respect their future too like every other parents respect their own children’s futures and dreams. Besides, when the children of the illegal immigrants become adults themselves, they would be more aware of what to do and what not to do, and might actually learn and become “legal” immigrants, not “illegal”. If they are not educated, than they might make the same mistakes their parents or grandparents or even great grandparents made, and just stay as an “illegal” immigrant, which definitely is not a wise thing to do. Moreover, if the children of the illegal immigrants are not educated, then they might not get good jobs that pay well and might actually start forming a grudge against the world as a whole or only the United States specifically.

And, when this does happen, they will fall into dark paths where they will start influencing the world in a bad way. All terrorisms start by a small grudge or hate towards a specific person or a group of people or just a whole big community, and if the children of the illegal immigrants starts forming a grudge on whomever they feel necessary, the nation or the world would become chaotic, and casualties will occur. Therefore, why not educate them and let them have a beneficial influence on the world, and not make them into some criminals because of some little grudge they had when they were young? The country does not have to educate all of them; start with small groups of them and then widen the range of the population of them. Besides, all of the humanity’s children will live the illegal immigrants’ children in the next generation, and no parent would want their child to live with a future full of criminals who have a strong grudge against the nation or the world. Well, it deems necessary now that all facts are stated above, the children of the illegal immigrants should either get education, or get more and proper education.

It does not harm anyone by educating them, and they might, in the end, feel gratitude towards the nation or the world or whoever that provided them with full education, and might actually do something beneficial to the society around them. It is not guaranteed, but it cause no harm towards anyone. So, it is a choice; to either let them get educated, or to let them turn a blind eye towards the dark paths that welcome them with opening arms.