Illegal Immigration

Should Illegal Immigrants be able to come to America? Illegal immigration is a very debatable issue in our country. Some believe that illegal immigrants should be deported back to their home country and if they wish to come back, do it legally. Many American citizens believe it is unfair that illegal aliens can come to this country and start a life here without registering as an American citizen.

Americans also are irritated that they have to support these new immigrants that came to our country illegally. They feel it is an injustice and a crime that someone can come to “the land of opportunities” and reap the benefits of being in America without registering. Others feel that illegal immigrants can benefit our country. It could add diversity to America, they lower paying jobs would be filled; the citizenship takes too long, and that we are a nation of immigrants, no matter if they are legal or illegal. What the American government needs to do is take all the illegal immigrants and offer them a choice.

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They can apply for citizenship, or they can go back to their home country because illegal immigrants need to get out of America. They are damaging our economy and America cannot support them anymore. Immigration is defined as, “To enter and settle in a country or region to which one is not native.”(“Immigration.”).

Notice how there is nothing mentioned about the status of the immigration because legal is implied. The side that America obviously needs to take is the against illegal immigration side because it is simply unfair to the rest of the immigrants that come to this country legally. Illegal Immigrants are exploiting America and all of its benefits like health care and food stamps although illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. They are not registering into the American system and benefiting from not being an official American. These illegal immigrants are being supported by our economy and the American citizens along with legal immigrants have to support this projected 12 million illegal immigrants infested in our country. America’s economy has to support around 12 million illegal immigrants along with our own population of over 300 million people in our country.

Every eight seconds a baby is born and every forty four seconds an immigrant comes to this country. The Department of Homeland Security projects that a major portion, anywhere from twenty seven to fifty seven, of Americas illegal immigration population is caused by Visa overstays. A Visa allows an immigrant to enter this country legally but they must return back to their home country after the Visa time period is expired. (Center for Immigration Studies) The Fourteenth Amendment says that all persons born or naturalized in the United States are American Citizens. To be born obviously is if you are born in the United States but naturalized means to be made a citizen. That means you have to go through the process of registering in America for a citizenship and then you are a naturalized citizen.

Coming into this country illegally does not mean you are naturalized into the country. Illegal Immigrants should not be able to come to this country because it is unfair to other citizens and they have not been naturalized as a citizen.(“14th Amendment.”) Legal Immigration however is acceptable and encouraged. America began as a nation of immigrants and is also “the melting pot” country. Many immigrants come to this country for the “American Dream” which is to start a life and be free to do whatever you please.

Freedom of religion, speech, and so many more that we take for granted. So these immigrants immigrate to this country legally and that is acceptable. What is unacceptable is immigrants coming to this country on a visa, or just because they want to and living in America without being a citizen. As The New Colossus said, “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses.” In this iconic poem, the statue of liberty is extending her arm and letting people all around the world know that if you need a place to go, come to America for freedom and a fair opportunity.

(“The New Colossus.”) Illegal Immigrants should not be able to become to this country, however legal immigration is beneficial to America but many people do not know why. If someone who is creatively squandered in their own country for some reason, they can come to America to develop their talents or invent something new. Adds to the Melting Pot and makes America more internationally developed. It also adds another cheap labor source for small businesses and leads to cheaper prices. Immigrants can benefit America greatly, but illegal immigrants are damaging this country and need to leave.

Immigrants can benefit our country if they are willing to work. (“Should America Maintain/Increase the Level of Legal Immigration?”) It also will be beneficial for the immigrant to become a United States citizen. Not only to remain in this country, but for reasons beyond that. An immigrant is able to vote, run for a position of public office, but not the presidency, apply for certain tax laws, sponsor other immigrants for green cards, obtain a passport, and finally an immigrant does not need to get rid of their previous citizenship to become an American citizen. (“Top 10 Reasons to Consider Becoming a US Citizen.”) In a local interview conducted, an Italian legal immigrant, Ferdinando Vivaldo, shared his perspective on immigration and his personal experiences.

Ferdinando said that he left Calabria, Italy in the year 1953. He also mentioned that the process was not very hard to become a U.S. citizen. An immigrant applies for a green card, waits five years, and then needs to pass an American history exam and then you are sworn in as an American citizen.

Finally, when asked how Ferdinando feels about illegal immigrants, he replied that they should become American citizens, or leave this country. (Vivaldo, Ferdinando.) There has been much legislation on the topic of illegal immigration and immigrants in this country. During the nineteenth century, many Chinese males immigrated and Americans did not want any more Chinese work force coming to this country because there was an excess of Chinese labor. So the Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in 1882 to halt any more immigrants coming from China. So, if America today has too many immigrants, like illegal immigrants, there will be too many of that certain country’s citizens in America.

This leads to another Exclusion Act but pertaining to another country. (HeinOnline) Another big piece of legislation in American history is Operation Wetback. This was enacted in 1954 and was passed to strengthen the United States border patrol from illegal immigrants coming from Mexico. When the border patrol captured illegal Mexicans trying to enter the U.S.

, they would deport these illegal aliens. (Western Historical Quarterly) The case of United States v Martinez-Fuerte were a series of cases pertaining to the transportation of illegal Mexicans of the border patrol. Each illegal alien was arrested somewhere on the border and the Mexicans took this to court to defend themselves using the fourth amendment. They cannot invoke the fourteenth amendment if they are not citizens so the illegal aliens did not win their court case. (“United States v. Martinez-Fuerte.

“) All these legislations prove that illegal immigrants should be removed from this country because they are unconstitutional and cause legal problems. (DataBase. N.p.) Illegal immigrants should leave this country immediately or have the chance to apply for a green card. They should not be able to come into this country because it is unfair to the rest of the American citizens and also legal immigrants.

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