Case Study on Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration Case Study:

Illegal immigration is the cross of the boarder of a country without any documents with the purpose to stay in this country, live and work there. The problem illegal immigration is a real headache for the developed countries, because the main sources of immigrants are the third world developing countries which possess unfavourable financial background and tense political situation.

Illegal immigration is often caused by the criminals, who run from their native countries with the hope to find shelter and protection abroad with the help of the illegal documents and bribery.Another type of illegal immigration characterizes the individuals whose visa and ability to stay on the territory of the country is over but they continue staying there. The consequences of the illegal immigration are extremely harmful for the host country, because immigrants become a serious burden for the country.They require less money for their work and as a result win competition on the market of low-paid job depriving the native citizens of the country from work. Another negative factor is the burden of immigrants on the purse of and income of every legal citizen who pays taxes in order to support the country and its people on its appropriate level. The immigrants receive the same medical help and education and cause the increase of taxes in the country.

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Finally, they take too much space and overpopulate the country making it inconvenient for the normal life. Nearly 2/3 of the citizens of the developed countries demand their governments to compose strict laws concerning immigration to reduce the consequences of this problem and deport the illegal guests back home.Illegal immigration is a serious problem for every developed countries, because immigrants are the main source of crime, diseases, epidemics and economic problems for the country. Illegal immigrants never accept the rules of the host country and avoid conforming to its laws, culture and way of life. A successful illegal immigration case study is supposed to explain the problem from all sides and express all the negative consequences of this phenomenon on the example of the real countries which suffer from it. The student is expected to dwell on the cause and effect of illegal immigration and suggest the best methods to defeat this problem effectively.

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