Illegal Immigration Case

For centuries, people come to the United State of America for many different reasons, it started with people seeking religious freedom, some were convicts who were deported to America, after that people used to come to get better jobs and better lives, and up until now the U.S.

A is still an attraction for immigrants from many places around the globe that come from every sector of their original societies, some immigrate legally while a huge portion enters and lives in the U.S.A illegally. In the past, immigrants were from different ethnic groups than the immigrants now days. Irish, Germans, Jews, Russians, and Greek resembled the greater portions of the immigrants, while today most of the immigrants are from Hispanic countries like Mexico, El Salvador, Brazil and a little portion comes from Asia. Many immigrate to the states illegally, which includes the people who enter by valid visa and stay after their permit period expires, while others enter without the authorities’ inspection.

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The center of immigration studies CIS provided data that shows a high criminal rates between illegal immigrants, for an example a street gang known as Mara Salvatrucha ( MS 13) with members up to 10000 criminals, 90% of the them are reported to be illegal immigrants, and they commit crimes from robbery, assault, auto-theft to homicide and drugs dealing, the problems with illegal immigrants aren’t limited in falling in criminal acts, it expands to the children of illegal immigrants, because it has been known that the kids of illegal immigrants have lower scores in school and higher school drop rates, illegal immigrants live in constant fear of deportation which get reflected on their kids . Illegal immigrants due to their illegal residence are exposed to many harms, they can’t be represented by lawyers at courts, they are exposed to sexual assaults, denial of medical attention, many women are reportedly enters under false pretenses to be forced to work as prostitutes , sweatshops laborers, flaming hands and servants which is the modern slavery in our time. Anti-immigrant movements up rise where high level of unemployment exists because civilians get competed with immigrants who work for lower wages and less work regulations and rights. These movements resulted in the strictest anti-immigrant laws in American history like Arizona SB1070, in a New York Times poll, 69% Americans favored prosecuting and deporting of illegal immigrants. The dispute of citizenship by birthright which is known as anchor baby situation ,there is more than 300,000 kids born to illegal immigrants annually, and they are considered an American citizen by birth right saved by the 14th amendment of the American constitution, the debate is old where in the past its been argued of the native Americans (Indians) were jurisdiction to American authority and have the birthright citiznship, in which some argued that some ethnic groups govern themselves and make treaties with the United States , and the debate ended by granting native American citizenship automatically by the Indian citizenship act of 1924. In modern times, a fear erupted of automatically granting citizenship for all infants born in the United States because the law encourage parents-to-be to come to give birth to their children on the USA soil in order to improve their chances of getting legal residency themselves.

New propositions have been introduced from time to time in Congress to declare U.S born children of foreign nationals not to be subject of jurisdiction of the U.S.A, and are not entitled to citizenship via the 14 amendment unless one parent is a U.S.A citizen or legal permanent resident.

While others are unsure if such act would survive in courts, proposed to change the citizenship clause by new amendment, however no change or act had been issued in this matter to our present time. In a poll held by New York Times, in which the participants to answer questions, like: Which comes closest to your view about illegal immigrants who are currently working in the U.S.? 1. They should be allowed to stay in their jobs, and to eventually apply for U.S.

citizenship. 2. They should be allowed to stay in their jobs only as temporary guest workers, but NOT to apply for U.S. citizenship. 3.

They should be required to leave their jobs and leave the U.S.the way the question been asked is deep, because you answer by picking a choice of 3 options, instead of black and white answers (two options choice) or simply by answering “yes or no” with or against the legalization for illegal immigrants. people that been surveyed didn’t project thoughtful reflection in their choices ,most of them were ordinary people ,they reflected simply their conflicted feeling between helping people that are needy ,who left their own countries to have better lives, and between deportation of people who do submit to America’s laws to earn legal situation. This poll been held by the New York times each year shows the complexity of the situation, results were as follows: – Stay and apply for citizenship 43 – Stay as guest workers 21 – Required to leave jobs & U.

S. 32 – No Answer ; 3 We can find from this statistical survey, that most Americans are more into no legalization of the current illegal immigrants and their families ,who is staying here in violation of the immigration laws, what the survey shows is that a big portion are with the legalization of illegal immigrants situation ,but the majority are with the other two options ,and these results are the same each year this poll is held, and these results show the true feeling of American people in regard to immigrants and immigration. Each year Each year tens of thousands of pregnant women enters America on tourist or business visas, and give birth to the babies, and these children and the children of illegal immigrants gets granted with citizenship by the 14th amendment of U.S.A constitution, and it’s been known that some foreign tourism agencies provide birth packages for mothers, who plans to give birth of their child in U.

S.A. Congress can take many actions to stop the problem of birth tourism, it can amend the INA that sets the rules of getting visas, to prevent coming to U.S.A for giving birth and obtain citizenship by that way, consulates and embassies can deny providing visas for pregnant and to women who intend to give birth in America, and by giving consular’s the right to issue limited visas if they suspect of birth tourism.It has been known that the woman that gives birth in America ,cost the government about 9000 US dollars for natural labor ,and she leaves without paying these bills ,which she gains by the American laws (EMTALA)”Emergency medical treatment and active labor act “,it is one of the factors that encourage birth tourism ,if there stay and labor wasn’t cash free ,things would be different ,if they fail to pay by them or by their homeland insurance ,they could be denied to get visa.

The Child Citizenship Act of 2000 was put to allow American citizen to adopt children born abroad, however, it allows citizens living in foreign countries who have slight ties with U S A to pass citizenship to their children, to fix this problem the Act should be amended, to require citizens to be permanent citizen for years, and really living in the states in order to pass citizenship for their children. The debate of the birthright citizenship is the most debated issue in immigration matters, some argue to stop this right of obtaining citizenship by birth right, while others ask to allow it under supervision, and amending the constitution is hard and difficult, some provided humane reasons for their argument, while others look for the best of the society as a whole entity.