Immigration has always been vital to the United States after all, we are a nation of immigrants.Before industrialization America encouraged a basically open immigration policy in order to settle unoccupied land and continues to have one of the most open immigration policy in the world.That might change under the President elect Donald Trump who has made a strong stance against both legal andillegal immigration.

Trump is promising that he will make a difference in people’s lives and that he will make our country great again, yet I don’t have faith in his words. One of the main themes of his campaign focused around immigration. He has promisedto build a wall along the United States and Mexico border, but in reality he is promising to force Mexico to build the wall. He has advocated for insane ideological screening tests to essentially eradicate Muslim immigration into the country and has recently called for an outright ban.In addition, he has a slew of racist rhetoric which is causing the worst kind of behavior to flourish in our country.

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Racist pro Trump graffiti is showing up in high schools all across the country.New York Times recently published an article stating that there has been a 41% increase in hates crimes in New York City since the election. There are many people who want to come to the United States, to live the American Dream. There are many people in the United States, making the country great, who are in jeopardy of being deported.Donald Trump vows to make our country better, yet he plans to ban and deport millions of people who come to the United States for a new life.

Freedom and opportunity will be taken away under the rule of Trump. If President Elect Donald Trump is able to implement his immigration policies many families will be destroyed. Shankar R, a 19 year old student at Harvard University, fears everyday what a Trump presidency will mean for him. Through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Ramkellawan is protected from deportation.

As a young immigrant he is eligible for work authorization and a Social Security number as long as he pays $500 every two years. He has to carry his papers around with him everywhere because he will never know when he will need to show them to someone. His parents fear for him and beg him not to tell anyone he is undocumented. Ramkellawan is not alone, either. There are many students and families living in fear.

There are currently 11.1 million undocumented immigrants living in America, who came here as youths, and call this country their home. Is our country really getting to the point where students have to carry their immigration papers everywhere they go? My mom came to the United States as an immigrant, and has shown me the wonderful opportunities that she has been given. She told me that it took her many years to finally become a U.S.

citizen because of all the strict laws in our country, but she is glad that she is finally a citizen. My mom is a truly inspiring person who came from Mexico, and can speak three languages which is amazing. My mom and her friends talk in a radio show that ecncompasses the importance of a family, and what the obligations of parents is. Every time I hear my mom and her friendsspeak in the radio it reminds me that family is the most important thing in life, and that you should cherish it forever. She has inspired me to know that there are many opportunities in life that you are given, and even with all the struggles that you may encounter in life, there is always a brighter future ahead of you. If trump does what he says 11.

1 million youths and their families way oflife are in jeopardy. Family is a vital part of what makes you who you are, and with the immigration laws it makes it harder for loved ones to see their families. There are many people who want to go back home with their families, but they are afraid of getting captured. There are many people who are suffering in this world, and try to use their voices for the best outcome because they want to help their families in any way possible. The most important thing in a country are the citizens who provide wonderful opportunities to flourish in new ways like you would never think of and with the many people who will be deported from the country, all that wouldbe taken away.We can only hope that he will with time and influence of the people, that he comes to understand and appreciate the best part of this country, people of all nations living together as one.