The US Immigration

When you shut a door, it’s the same as shutting away someone’s rights. All people have the same rights white, Turkish, Mexican, Russian, and Chinese all people of the world have the same right to enter America like others. The US Declaration say’s all men are equal.

The US immigration system needs fixing. Because the green card system is unfair, families are broken apart, and the Dream Act. The Green card system is unfair. It’s unfair because every country gets about 25,000 green cards but country’s like New Zealand don’t use them all because they don’t need to. But in Mexico or China the green cards run out so fast it’s like draining water.

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Innocent kids who come from different countries didn’t do anything really. So the kids should get the Dream Act because those kids did not choose to come to America. Now even if they went to college or fought in the military, they still couldn’t become citizens when they finished. When kids are in the US their citizens but their parents aren’t. This causes family separation. The family’s get separated because one of the parents have to go back to their old country and stay and the other needs to stay in America to watch over the born child.

This is caused because of parents not being citizens in America. I understand that some immigrants are making more criminals. But why do they become criminals did you ever ask yourself that? They become criminals because it’s unfair when people that are Americans get paid double of what they get in the same job. So if you don’t want any more knocks you should open that door and give them what they need and want. All the people in the world have these rights these are called natural rights. Which all men and women are equal with the same exact rights.

Everyone in the world should have American rights.