If I Were President…This is How I Would Take Care of Immigration

I believe that people from other countries should be able to come here as long as they have a good reason and can pass a background check and knowledge test because there are countries that are worse off than we are. People have the right to education, but not every country believes that. Immigrants come from all over to get jobs. Global Issues says this about immigrants and the workforce, “Immigrants will often do jobs that people in the host country will not, or cannot do,” (Immigration—Global Issues).

They need a way to survive too. Some say that they are not documented, but most of them pay taxes and bills. They pay rent, buy insurance and other different things. According to the AP Report, “In 2003 alone, the government received Social Security taxes on $57.8 billion from wage reports that couldn’t be matched to the person filing,” (Illegal immigrants: benefits and negatives). On top of everything else, their children go to our schools.

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Some parents from other countries have kids that need supported and they support their kids’ schools. We would also benefit from their own talents that they could share with our country. I am a firm believer of immigration and I don’t believe in shutting everyone out of our country. There are many that can help us and there are also many that could really hurt our country. I believe that if we have a background check of everyone who does not live in the United States and have a U.S.

passport, then we would be safe from the dangers of letting more drug wars occur in our country. There should also be a knowledge test for those who are not documented US citizens when they come to our country for whatever reason.