Book is analogy to my life

An analogy to my life is a book. A book has a broad number of possibilities. Books can be science fiction, realistic fiction, historical fiction, biography, autobiography, expository, persuasive, and really anything you want it to be. Books are like birds. Birds have thousands of different species, yet no one species is “better” than the other, just like a book. Who is to say realistic fiction is better than expository? We can have our opinions on which is better, but it can never be fact.

I like to see the thousands of different genres of books as paths or careers in my life. No one career is better than the other; it’s all about whether or not you derive any joy or positive emotion out of a career. I refuse to be the author that writes a book for monetary gain. I know for a fact that no matter what career I choose, I’ll choose it because I truly love it. Not for money or for fame, but for joy.

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