The Book Thief; Book vs. Movie

There are many books which have had movies made to match them. One book like this is called “The Book Thief.” It is about a young girl whose name is Liesel, is living in Nazi Germany, and is going through multiple inner conflicts. One conflict is that after her brother died, every night she always has nightmares about him.

Another conflict is that despite being around the age of 12-13 she still doesn’t know how to read or write. During this time as many people know, Jews were disliked, but Liesel and her family don’t dislike Jews. Instead they help shelter a Jew in their home even though they know it is quite risky. They go through troubles until one day a bombing occurs in the neighborhood where Liesel and her family lives. Everyone but Liesel dies.

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The book by Markus Zusak is very intruding and will keep you hooked by the suspense, and interesting plot. He uses descriptive words which makes it seem like you are actually there. The movie is also good, but has some parts cut off. It provides an actual visual which can help you understand the book much better, but is very similar to the book. Both the book and the movie are good, and if you like realistic books then you would want to get “The Book Thief” right away!