The Outsiders Movie and Book

It is said that books and movies will likely have many similarities and differences. In this case, I think it’s true. The Outsiders shows many great examples of this. I feel aware of the similarities made throughout the movie and book. Although scenes not shown,that I,in my opinion feel important, they both had their own qualities. Ponyboy’s depression stage is a huge part of the story’s plot.

In the book, after Johnny and Dally’s death, Ponyboy goes through a stage of depression. Initially, Pony’s perspective of things change. He seems to stop caring in life and as so with his grades. Even close people such as Sodapop, notice his sudden behavior. The climax consists of this part of Ponyboy’s life.

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Since the movie doesn’t show this change in Pony, things such as the climax differs from the book. Thisscene really show the affection of both Johnny and Dally’s death. And gives an emotional impact towards the audience. This scene can also be relatable as well. For the purpose of this, it can be reminded of a time a loved one passed away, giving you the feeling of numbness and the sense to stop caring. The fact that Sodapop is barely shown in the story, just shows another example of difference.

Sodapop appears in many scenes,but the movie never shows Sodapop as an individual main character. The directors include a few hints about him, such as Sodapop wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and watching a Mickey Mouse film. This represents his love for the animation character.Topics such as Sodapop’s horse,Sandy,and his deep relationship with Pony, I wish they gone into depth. Details like this makeup Sodapop’s character. Out of all the similarities, the one I think stayed true is the park fight scene.

The importance of this, is that the story is affected because since this happened, many events occur. The absence of this scene make the plot seem bland and without any conflict. The scene shows similarity to the book and gives an exact representation to the audience’s imagination. I really like this because this night change character’s lives. Standing up to himself and Ponyboy,Johnny no longer appears weak. Even the Socs got a huge impact on this night.

As soon as this scandal happened, realization hit Randy,a soc present at the scene and close friend of Bob, discovering the differences of both Greasers and Socs. In either case, I enjoyed both the movie and book The Outsiders. Even though many scenes didn’t appear as hoped for, the movie has many positive outcomes. Something I learned from this story regardless choosing the book or movie, is uncovering the gift of friendship. Everyone got each other’s back, despite their gang. It gives me hope in our world and teaches me unity.