The Outsiders Narrative Essay

From the novel “The outsider” one of the character whom have sacrificed is Ponyboy, Ponyboy have sacrificed his dream to ensure that the group where he comes from is successful and he understand the roles and responsibly of each group member. Ponyboy is one character who has the belief that “we’ere poorer than the Socs and the Middle class” (Hinton 4). From the quotation, it is clear he believes that all the good things they see must one time come to an end. Hence, Ponyboy sacrifices his youthfulness to ensure that he changes the group members to be good people. Ponyboy seems to differ with his companions and he remains to be on character who holds on to good moral despite the group and the culture where he finds himself.

Ponyboy has the understanding he needs to walk around with his gang members so that he can avoid humiliation from his neighbors who are rich. “Anyway, I went on walking home, thinking about the movie, and then suddenly wishing I had some company” (Hinton 3). Theses depicts the whole story to shows that the gangs have some togetherness. However, there is iddferenc3e in how the characters carry themselves and hence, Ponyboy have to sacrifice and walk alone since the interest of the other ganga members do not much with his interest at some given points. From the novel, one of the character who has surrendered in the novel is Ponyboy.

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Ponyboy has surrendered in the novel in terms of his characters how he carries himself. The other gang members have their own beliefs, however, Ponyboy have different believe compared to the people whom he grew with. For instance, he loves movies and love to associate himself with the real movies. However, other characters are not attracted to the movies as they believe that is not life for them. “Greasers are almost like hoods; we steal things and drive old souped-up cars and hold up gas stations and have a gang fight once in a while” (Hinton 4). Ponyboy understand better that he comes from poor culture and the people surrounding them are wealthier than them, hence, he has to know how to live with this people.

Ponyboy has different feelings and have the capability to identify almost everybody whom he lives around with despite his age this makes him to surrender from the character of other persons in the novel who have the feeling that they are always right. He has different instinct as compared to the other characters. “He wasn’t really. Darry isn’t ever sorry for anything he does. It seems funny to me that he should look just exactly like my father and act exactly the opposite from him.” (Hinton 6).

He has feelings that there is need for change for his people and they should stop behaving in some given way. Work Cited Hinton, S. E. “The Outsiders. 1967.” New York: Puffin (1997).