The Outsiders

The Outsiders movie conveyed the same emotions as the book even though it left out portions.

The similarities in the book and the movie are massive. But the differences are greater. In the book and the movie, the quote “stay gold” was perfectly placed. For example, Pony falls into a depression after Johnny dies and before writing the book, in the book this happens, but in the movie this never happens. What is different in the movie from the book? Let me start at the beginning, the 1st scene in the movie is focused on Dally, but in the book Pony starts with the focus. Then Sodapop doesn’t get shown as importantly in the movie as in the book.

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Also, Johnny really stands up for himself in the movie, but in the book he does. Lastly, Pony never feels the true depression of johnny’s death in the movie, but he did in the book. Why would some scenes be left out? Well, like pony going back to school wasn’t important enough to make the cut. Lastly not all scenes are necessary. In the book and the movie, the outsiders, the similarities are shown.

But the differences are more pronounced. Not all scenes could make the cut, like all of pony’s depression. Also why did the book have to end in a paradox? Finally, the book and movie, The Outsiders, were masterpieces that took awhile to make.