The Fault In Our Stars Book and Movie Review

Im going to write a movie review about a movie i thought was amazing and touching, The Fault In Our Stars. It was an amazing movie so i’m going to tell you about it. It was a story that they turned into a movie and there is a reason why and i’m going to tell you. It all started with a girl named Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16 year old with a thyroid cancer that spread down to her lungs. One day her mother signed her up for a support group where she met a 17 year old boy who would swoop her off her feet and become the love her life his name was Augustus Waters. They share the same favorite author and set out to meet him his name is Peter Van Houten.

When they get there to meet him he is not who he seems to be and the author and hazel end up arguing and she storms out. When they are there Augustus tells Hazel something that would change the world as they know it. Now there are differences between the book and the movie like most books that are turned into movies. One difference is that Hazel never lets the little girl try on her oxygen at the mall in the book, although in the movie does. The book shows more interest in Issac unlike the movie.

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In the book it tells about Augustus Waters before he had cancer and lost his leg.They both have the Oranjee restaurant scene but in the movie its more romantic and handled with more care. Over all I loved the movie it was the most inspirational thing I’ve ever watched. The book was an amazing read. The book has more detail than the movie but i loved them both equally. they both inspired me to want to help people when they are in need.

It inspired me to become a better person and to try harder because you never know whats going to happen in your life. Thats my opinion on the movie and the book but everybody has there own opinion, and i find it really inspiring. It made me look at life a lot diffrent. but if you want to find out more your just gonna have to read the book and watch the movie.