Ender's game Comparing The book to the movie

In this assignment what’s expected of me is to tell the audience my opinion about which I like better, the movie or the book. Although I haven’t read the book up to date I think the book was better, because it had more plots that made Ender a better character instead of a boy who beats up antagonists he dislikes. I also have a like for the movie because it was shorter than reading the book, and it had like theme songs that made the book interesting and cool to read. This book had a sci-fi genre that made it interesting also.

The theme of this story was Ender learning to not beat up people he dislikes, so that’s why many of the plots were important in the book. I think Orson Scott Card did a great job at writing this book. The first plot that I thought was missing in the movie that was in the book was Ender broke Bernard’s arm. This was important because, besides Colonel Graff saying that Ender was the only person who had brains during the launch, but Bernard had no reason to hate Ender, if ender didn’t break his arm. This is one of the plots I thought was really important because also this event proved Ender as a person who wants to beat up people, so the theme was solvable. The next plot I thought was different that was in the movie was that Ender met Bean right after Colonel Graff tells everyone in the shuttle that Ender’s the only person that has brains.

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The difference is in the book Ender meets Bean when Ender gets to command the Dragon Army. This didn’t impact the theme or the resolution of the book, but this is more evidence why I enjoyed the book more than the movie. I felt that the movie got super exciting ever since Ender got his own army to command, and then to see his army beat salamander, and another army was very cool. I liked the part also when they tied up Alai and threw him around the barricade so he could tell the army where exactly they are. I think how they bunched up together, and made sure alai wasn’t hit was kind of like the end how the droids bunched up to guard the little doctor while recharging.

Bonzo, in the book the reader sees him as a big person pushing around Ender. In the movie it’s the exact opposite, a different characteristic than expected, it also brings comedy to the audience. At this scene Bonzo is of higher rank as commander he continuously bosses Ender around, and tells him he can’t do certain things during free time. Then when Ender is his own commander of his own army, and defeats Bonzo’s army, all Bonzo wants to do is fight with Ender, to prove that he is better than him. Ender fights back and Bonzo had to have surgery because he fell on his head in the shower. Ender came back to Earth after he had a fight with Bonzo in the Bathroom in the movie, but in the book Ender uses Valentine to calm down.

Since he just defeated the enemy planet, and abandoned his ships to kill the planet with the little doctor, not realizing that the game he thought was training was real. The next scene I thought was different was in the book the government put Ender in a room, and the Mazer Rackam came. In the movie Ender got locked up in his own bedroom, then Mazer Rachham came. In the book ender was in a room not his bedroom. This was another difference I noticed.

There was no Locke and Demosthenes, this was a very big plot that the director and the producer missed out on, because Locke and Demosthenes were the reason Ender even came back to Earth at all. I just thought this was a big super significant event and pot that was totally missing from the movie. My favorite part was when Ender defeated the Aliens. I thought that was very fun to see, the alien world just fall apart, and turn into lava. It was also fun to see all the droids bunch up to help guard the little doctor while it was recharging to fire again at the planet, and then to see all the droids to turn red all of a sudden, from the alien shooting was very fun and interesting to see. This significant event of this movie reminded me of the first Star trek when Vulcan was destroyed.

I just thought this part of the movie was the best out of all the events. The part I thought was similar was when Ender took the alien queen egg with all of his travels. This kind of resolved the movie, and tied it up since he defeated the alien planet. Overall I liked the Movie it told most of the important scenes, of how ender got from being a normal kid that went to school on earth to being the person that just save the world from an alien threat. I liked how in the end of the movie the end wasn’t changed from the book at all.

I think this movie had a good theme and it was worthwhile. I also enjoyed the book more than the movie because It was original and it had more plots that made the book more suspenseful, I’m not saying the movie didn’t have suspense, but the book described the character in a way that from the book you can connect to the main character (Ender). I didn’t fell this in the movie. I thought more of Ender as a bad guy and you have to watch out for him otherwise he’s going to punch you out. My suggestion is that you take time to read this spectacular book, and then watch the movie, the movie is pretty wicked. Out of ten i would give this book a nine because it was fun to read.

I thought Orson Scott Card did a good job at writing the book. I also Gavin Hood did a good job at selecting the actors for the movie. I just thought this was a very good movie with a very good book, and I thought they both had their ups and downs in their own way, but I suggest the Book over the movie.