A Perfect Teacher

“It is the Supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” Albert Einstein An ideal teacher to me is someone who can be creative, while having an enthusiastic attitude, and also someone who teaches clearly.

A creative teacher to me is someone who will give me some freedom in the assignment they hand out. I think the teacher should give some direction, but otherwise have me figure it out and add some of my own thoughts into the assignment. To be creative, I feel like they had to have failed or done something wrong with the subject. Once they have failed, they can understand different ways to go about it. I like a teacher who lets students have their creativity and thoughts go into their work, such as a free write.

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They let the students write about a subject, but let it go into different ideas and thoughts. A teacher I admire so much for this is Mrs. Davisson, and how she would have creativity even in her writings and assignments. While being creative can be great, also adding enthusiastic personality, can make learning more bearable.I love teachers who are enthusiastic.

They have a great energy seem quite outgoing. The teachers who are so enthusiastic makes the students think that they actually enjoy teaching so much.It seems it doesn’t matter what they are talking about in the subject, they just appreciate teaching. The teacher conveys a love of what they are teaching about. I feel like the teacher is self-confident, and knows exactly what they are talking about.

I think clarity is one of the most important things a teacher can teach with. He/she can go through hard questions, without making it confusing or non understandable. The teacher knows how to teach different grade levels, and understand their knowledge levels. Explaining the subject very clearly and exactly how they want them to go. They use different examples and questions to make you understand the subject completely.

A creative person, who is enthusiastic and teaches the students the subject clearly is my ideal teacher. If a student had a teacher who was exactly who they wanted, do they think they would learn more? If a student had the same type of teacher over and over again, how would they learn to get along with different personalities? Hopefully one day I’ll get a teacher who is exactly who I want, but I think having different types of teachers makes students more well- rounded.