The day in the life of a teacher

Being a student, you have the point of view from a student’s perspective, but what if you and a teacher switched places. You stand up in front of a noisy, crowded, unwilling to learn students, while the teacher sits in the desk and watches you stand up there.

Well, I have, and it is not the glorious position in the world. The students were loud, obnoxious, annoying, and ill behaved. They talked non-stop and no respect for anyone or anything. Teachers do this on a daily basis, with no complaints, no yelling, just doing what they love- teach. Teachers are the people who are sending students through school in order to become the citizens needed to have the world work. Students don’t understand how annoying and frustrating students can be at times and this is of all ages.

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Teachers try their absolute hardest to keep things in order between work and home, but sometimes they lose track of work, forget to enter grades, forget certain things told to them. They have multiple students each and every day. They don’t have time for just one petty complaint from a student who doesn’t do anything anyways. Teachers should be respected more even though 9 times out of 10 they won’t but just imagine yourself with all that work to grade, all those students to teach and then tell me if you have any respect for teachers. Think twice before you bad mouth a teacher, the person who controls your whole future.