The Best Teacher I Have Ever Had in My Life

My teacher Dr Barrymore has a few good and bad points. He is the best teacher I have ever had. Here are a few aspects of his teaching methodology and personality that I am going to critique on. He has a way of making people shut upThere are lots of teachers in my school who are not able to control the class. Some are able to make people quiet for a little while, but most times they are just pushing the whim of the students who are already too tired to be noisy.

Dr Barrymore is able to wield a certain amount of influence over the children so that they behave and will be quiet whilst the lesson is going.He explains thing twice but in different waysIt really bugs me when teachers explain things twice because it is obviously just another trick they are taught on training days to try and bang information into our heads and it has to be one of the stupidest things ever. It is like the TV shows that keep repeating the same crap like we smoke so much weed that we forgot what happened a few minutes ago. Dr Barrymore is good because he explains it once and then later explains it again in a completely different way. He explained evolution in terms of bean seeds and in terms of how we are all taller now than we were in the early 1800s.He sets work on the same day every weekNot only this, but he gives us two weeks to finish our work, which is amazing because you can have two projects running at the same time and rest safe in the knowledge that at least one of them is due over a week away.

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He sets the work at the same time every week like all the teachers are supposed to do, but the others do not. The others set assignments when they have got all of their stuff sorted out. I hate having to check my school diary to know when work needs to be done, but with Dr Barrymore I don’t need to do that.He tells funny stories with his lessonsIt is as if he looks at a curriculum and decides to get to the funny side of it when he does. It is like he recalls funny stories so that he can segue us into the new topic whilst we are laughing about it. The craziest thing is also that most kids now look forwards to his lessons.

It is also easier to remember the stuff he segues into because we remember the funny story about it; like how I didn’t know a large enough electrical charge could cause explosions until he told us the story about the metal spanner and car battery.ConclusionAll in all, Dr Barrymore scores perfectly on every aspect. He is a great teacher and worthy of awards. Throughout the entire critique I could not think of a single thing that he did wrong.