The Bad Teacher

In 5th grade I had a terrible teacher who just assigned homework and didn’t teach a thing. He always tried too hard to be funny, mostly corny jokes.

He is probably my least favorite teacher ever because of this. If you could change any teacher into your ideal teacher, would you do it?If I could change a teacher into my ideal teacher I would make him/her a teacher who teaches well. He would explain the topics well, give little homework, and be funny and exciting. First, The teacher would have to be the kind of teacher that explains the topic very well. I think that homework is much easier if the teacher explains it well in class. If the teacher doesn’t explain it well it is much harder.

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Which I find to be the main problem with homework difficulties for kids these days. There is a difference between explaining well and over explaining. A pet peeve of mine is when a teacher explains the topic so much, it becomes more confusing than before. Along with explaining well my ideal teacher would give little homework. My ideal teacher wouldn’t give unnecessary amounts of homework. I find homework to be helpful in moderation.

It becomes unnecessary when there’s so much homework you don’t have time for other classes’ homework or freetime to be a kid. The less homework the more time you can play and have fun. Adults say to treasure my younger years, but how can we if we are always doing homework? As long as I understand it I find too much homework to be pointless. Like, if I already understand it and showed you that I do understand it, why do I have to keep showing you? Not only would he give little homework, but would be funny too. Finally, my ideal teacher would be funny.

Not that he tries too hard to be funny but that he is naturally funny. All the best teachers are the ones with a sense of humor. I don’t mind classes with fun teachers, they are exciting, entertaining, and best of all, not boring. The best class ever would be one where the teacher told a joke everyday to start the class. As long the jokes are funny. All these characteristics put together would be my ideal teacher.

I would love to have a teachers that actually teaches the material we need for the year. I have had a few teaches that are like this but not very many. Then, come MCAs I can do good on them because I have actually learned the material From worst to best, I would love to have this teacher for all my classes. With these characteristics, I wish all teachers were like my ideal teacher.