Teacher Essay

It’s the first day back from summer break and I am now a senior in high school. I had signed up to take a very heavy class load.

I was looking forward to this year, but I didn’t know how my teachers were going to teach the material. As soon as everyone sat down in chemistry, Mr. Antony tells the class that this year he will be teaching us about chemistry, and not how to just do well on the AP exam. Now originally I thought we would skip material on the AP test that we should know, but now I realize he is teaching us the ways to do the material easier. He does not want to be a teacher to prepare people for one test and to have holes in our knowledge; he would rather be a teacher to teach us the one thing he loves to do, chemistry. Mr.

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Antony uses a unique method of teaching in his classroom where he allows the students to put forth the effort to succeed. This idea may sound bad, but it keeps us focused and thinking of chemistry the entire hour. He lectures us on the material while keeping the happy atmosphere with many jokes related to science. He will allow us to use our higher level thinking to come up with answers that he makes to problems that challenge our abilities as chemists. This is preparation enough for college level chemistry. Whenever there is a hard concept for students to grasp, he will show this three ways for us to understand; mathematically, theoretically, and real life examples.

He will bring us into the lab and how us physically what happens in reactions so that questions can be answered and that the ideas are more clear. This is really helpful when in the complex parts of chemistry understanding. Another thing that Mr. Antony shows is kindness. He is one of the kindest teachers at Arrowhead.

He will let you make mistakes and show you that you are wrong in a way where you learn why you are wrong and don’t feel bad about being wrong. I enjoy going to ask him for help because I know he can find a way for me to understand without getting angry at me. Also he will help students after school and will usually stay after school until 5pm helping students with the math and with extra labs we are able to do. He will allow us to expand our knowledge by testing what we learn in class, after school in extra labs that we can get graded for extra grades. He would rather us put more work into trying to understand chemistry, than for us to take the easy way out and be given answers. Not all students like to learn with a higher thinking level, but I believe that those who challenge us the most are the best teachers because they allow us to prepare for the world ahead of us.

Mr. Antony is not a super being or a god of chemistry knowledge; rather a simple man who would enjoy taking the time of his day to teach us the useful information we will need to know for our futures. He does what he loves, and he loves what he does, and he helps us to feel the same way with the very challenging material.