Teacher Appreciation Letter – Mr. Karpenski

Dear Mr.

Karpenski, You influenced me to work harder, strive for better outcomes, and think strategically. Throughout the year, I learned to turn to you for advice, critique, or even just a quick question. As a student in your class, it feels like a safe place to share thoughts and information rather than a corporate classroom. All of the sarcastic jokes and even your lectures (I know, it’s true) make me look forward to your classes everyday. Before eighth grade, writing DBQs and analysing primary resources confused me, but your determination to help all the students and create an understanding for how each of them felt, pushed me to try harder and perform my best. While appreciation comes in many forms, the letter I wrote you shows just a small portion of recognition for how much of an amazing teacher you .

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A father, husband, and teacher: a lot for anyone to balance, butI always admired the attention to detail you show in class. December of last year-a difficult month for me both in school and at home, but your bubbly personality and positive thinking always seemed to lift my spirits. The respect you showed me and the understanding you showed, made me respect and appreciate you even more as a teacher and mentor. Sometimes the small things in a teacher make the most difference and every time you see through to your word and try your best to help me in class, it means a lot. In addition to everything you accomplished over the years,my acquaintances and teachers seem to give you the same praise as well. Almost every morning when you help students with material from your classes, it shows a devotion and passion for helping everyone.

Whether you chose to commute one hour every day, or not, the time seems to come out as nothing compared to everything you contribute to our school. You always support me and try to push me to accomplish more and work harder. I thank you genuinely. Sincerely, Dina K.