My Favorite Teacher

My 3rd grade teacher was definitely one to be remembered.

Her name was Mrs. Larrabee she was an older woman but had the energy and thoughts of a 20 year old, she was kind, thoughtful, and wise. She taught me lifelong lessons. And I had some of the best times in her class. She has been a major impact on my life still to this day, 7 years later. Mrs.

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Larrabee was a very nonjudgmental person. You could tell her anything and she wouldn’t think in the least bit of way differently about you. When I was 9 my parents were beginning to split up. She was one of the few people I talked to about it, I had felt comfort when I talked to her. I felt like she understood everything that was happening and the ways that I was feeling.

I could never thank her enough for being there for me then. Mrs. Larrabee was such a wise woman. She taught me lifelong lessons that many people would never be able to teach me. She taught me what was good and what was bad. She taught me how to face certain problems that I would later on face in life.

Which I have actually faced today, like peer pressure and confrontation with friends. And I still use her advice to this day. She had said to surround yourself with only people who bring you up not people who bring you down. To be with people that would never try to pressure you into something you didn’t want to do. I believe knowing these things have helped me become a better person and stay out of trouble in the long run. Have you ever had a rubber band fight? They’re AMAZING! I had never even heard of them until Mrs.

Larrabee. We always did the strangest and funnest activities in her class. We always seemed to be laughing. She also always loved having headstand competitions. Even she would do it! I definitely have some memories from that class.

Mrs. Larrabee was an amazing, strong, intelligent woman. With outstanding morals. She was a caring teacher with great advice. And she most importantly knew how to have a great time! She never once treated me like I was just some other student she had to teach.

She treated me like a daughter of her own. This woman has made a major impact in my life and I could never thank her enough for all that she has done. Thank you so much Mrs. Larrabee.