Favorite Tv show

?What is Your Favorite Television Show “If you were as half as funny as you think you are, you’d be twice as funny as you are now,”this is a line from my favorite television show “Bones”.”Bones” is my favorite show because it combines solving mysteries with interesting characters and an intelligent plot-line.

“Bones” is a dark comedy drama based on the real life of a forensic anthropologist. A forensic anthropologist is locating and recovering skeletal human remains and works to assess the age,?sex, ancestry, stature, and unique features of a decedent from the skeleton. Bones solves mysteries taken from the headlines . I like mysteries because the story could go any way with many twists and turns. In almost all crime shows there is never the answer to your question revealed correctly and right at the beginning, sometimes you think you have the correct suspect and evidence, then something new shows up or you look at the evidence and notice something different.

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I love to study the behavior of people and how they interact with others. “Bones” is different from other crime-solving shows becauseher character is very unique and interesting. In this show, the main character is Bones, it’s actually a nickname that she got from her FBI partner and will-be husband. Bones is an interesting character.Growing up, she didn’t have a lot of friends and even now doesn’t really have friends outside of work.

?Bones barely has any life outside of work except when she marries her partner Booth and has a baby. ?Some of the reasons I think she is interesting and frankly sort of weird, it isprobably because of her upbringing.She never had a mother growing up and her father was a criminal.I like the fact that she is “weird’ because everybody has a little bit of a “weird” side that some might not want the public to know about. Even though she is bizarre , some might say, she does have some great friends working with her and she is very smart.

This is another reason I like the show because of the intelligence. What’s intelligent about it is the crimes and the way they do their job and equipment they use. Crimes profiled in the show are committedby sophisticated and smart people. The way that Bones and her crew think and respond is not expected and keeps the viewer on his/her feet.The thing about some of these crimes is they are realistic, not super genius, not impossible crimes.

When they are pieced together at the end of the show, the viewer is left to think “that makes sense, why didn’t I guess that?” Sincethe show Bones is about homicide, I learn facts about the human body, technology, science, and sometimes about the FBI and rules that police need to follow. One of the things I learned is that they use the insects and bacteria found on a body to determine time of death. The show uses a group of forensic experts and fact-checkers to ensure that all details are correct. My favorite tv show is “Bones” because it is filled with mystery, intelligent characters and has an intelligent, well thought-out plot. Murder, flesh-eating bugs, blunt-force trauma and funny lines like “If you were half as funny as you think you are, you’d be twice as funny as you, are now” is why “Bones” is my favorite show.

To some, science and forensics is boring, but with the addition of an awkward, but likable main character and an intelligent plot this show is likely to be one of my most favorite shows ever.