My favorite show the originals

If like shows like Once Upon A Time which is all about the family, and the amazingly deep world of The Vampire Diaries then the CW’s The Originals is just for you. The Originals is The Vampire Diaries spin off show, for those who think that spin offs aren’t ever as good as the originals give this show a try because it is amazing.

The Vampire Diaries is often compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; I agree with this both these shows have spinoff shows that are a lot a like to. The difference between these shows is Buffy made a spin off about fan favorite Angel which in my opinion took away from Buffy since a key element of the show had been the love between Buffy a slayer and the vampire Angel. The Originals did not do this because on The Vampire Diaries the original family of vampires where most of the time just villians that no one liked, and putting them in their own show was a great choice especially since they put them in New Orleans. One thing both the Originals and Angel share is the mystical vampire pregnancy.We are the second season of The Originals and I think that having a child on the screen and having them all be one big dysfunctional family really helps make it interesting.

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One thing I love but also hate about TVD is that it cares too much about the relationships and everything is surrounded around this onehigh school love triangle. The Originals consisting ofthe siblings Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah you also have the vampire Marcel who the siblings took out of slavery in the 1800’s and raised up till the moment they turned and they continued to be their family. They are all a family it also includes the werewolf Hailey who after a hookup with Klaus got pregnant with Klaus’s child. This makes it less about who are you getting with and I am in love with you no it is about you are my family blood or no blood we will always be my family “Always & Forever” is something they always say. The Family makes it ten times better.

I love this show from shedding less light on romance and more on family which is something I think is hard to do with Vampires, but I love it. Check out this amazing show On the CW Monday night at 8 o’ clock.