My Favorite Dogs

Dalmatians Ding! Ding! The firehouse bells ring. These black and white spotted dogs are waiting on the truck. The trucks leave the stations and the dogs are on their way to help find the people in the building of the fire. They find them all and get rewarded with a pet on the back and a puppy treat. German shepherds These agile and intelligent dogs are helpful in many ways. They can work as police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guarding dogs, therapy dogs, service-dogs, and in military applications.

They are non-aggressive at their home even though they are fearless in defense of their den and pack. Irish terriers The Irish terrier (red setter) is a dog full of life but isn’t hyperactive. They are active and like to be challenged physically and mentally, but should be able to relax in it’s house. They love people and most of them love children and tolerate roughhousing to a certain extent. They are very often dominant to other dogs particularly of the same kind.

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Boxers Everybody loves these energetic and playful dogs. They are originally from Germany, put you can adopt one anywhere! They are very good with children, and are not vicious or aggressive. However they still need plenty of attention so they don’t get bored and start chewing everything. They also would prefer being around smaller dogs or puppies. Brittany Spaniel These highly energetic hunting dogs are by far one of my favorites! They have the temperament of a hunting dog, which helps a lot when it comes to training them! They are pretty much good with everybody, including all other dogs.

A lot of people say they are boisterous and uncontrollable, but this is mostly due to the fact that they are not given enough time out in the open. Make sure to give them lots of attention!