Military Dogs

The day I read a book on military dogs was a book I would definitely read again.Do you know what military dogs do when they are with there trainer/handler?Did you know that not only humans can get PTSD , but dogs can get it to. You’re probably wondering how dogs help with the military. Well dogs can sniff out roadside bombs (IEDS).

The handlers get dog tags to remember their dog friend. Military dogs can also get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The dogs can get PTSD because of bombs that go off when they are close to them. PTSD means that you will remember traumatic memories that the dogs go through in the military career. After the dogs retire they go up for adoption for other families.

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Most for the dogs in the military career are german shepherds because they help the military see in ambushes. The reason the military started using dogs is because New York City had a historical event on 9/11/2001. The terrorist attacks were on the two World Trade Centers in New York and the Pentagon in Washington D.C., the fourth plane was headed for the White House, but the passengers were brave and took on the terrorist and crashed the plane into a Pennsylvania field, sadly there no survivors. There were about 20 other terrorist that were taken down by special forces.

The military would not be using dogs to help them find improvised explosive device (IEDS), and terrorist. Seal Team Six (the team who took down the terrorist who planned 9/11) used a dog to catch the terrorists that planned the terrorist attack in New York City. The dogs sniff out landmines to keep their handler safe. One hundred fifty military dogs were killed in action. There are military dog tags for the fallen heros.

Dog tags remind the handler of the dog that was killed in action. Military dogs make sure that their handlers are safe because the dog and the handler become friends, but they don’t just become friends, they become family. When a dog is killed in action they are remembered by having boots, helmet, and gun on the dogs grave. In conclusion, military dog can also be harmed by explosions. Military dogs sometimes have to retire because of PTSD.

IEDS are used to blow up military convoys. Dog tags are the most precious to the military. When someone retires from the military, their dog friend retires with them.