Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

There is a lot in common about hotdogs and hamburgers but they are also a lot different. This piece will show you the things that hamburgers have in common and also different. This paragraph will be about the things that hamburgers and hotdogs have in common.

Hotdogs and hamburgers are both made of meat.Hamburgers and hotdogs are both ate with buns. You can put the same toppings you put on a hotdog you can also put on a hamburger. Hamburgers and hotdogs are both put on a grill to be cooked. This paragraph will be about the things that are different about hamburgers and hotdogs.

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Hamburgers are made with beef and hotdogs are made with pig meat. Hamburgers have two buns while hotdogs have only one bun. A hamburger is flat while a hotdog is a round cylinder. While hamburgers are shaped at home (for most people) hotdogs are bought at store shaped. That is all the things I can find in common with hotdogs and hamburgers and different about hotdogs and hamburgers.