An Individual’s Life

Learning is an intriguing part of an individual’s life.

Individuals apply what they have learnt in subsequent areas that one may venture into, for instance, the work place, at home and even in a society. Throughout my course, I have learnt the significance of accepting corrections. This is because it plays an extremely crucial role in the molding on the person that one becomes. In addition to this, one can be better in everything that they undertake to do. When I did a summary essay, I learnt how to be straightforward in a vibrant manner.

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I managed to bring out all the crucial points in a manner that my target audience understood my perspective and opinion. My narrative essay upheld creativity. I managed to pain the picture of the situation back to my home country to my audience. I described the situation back at home to the extent that my audience would emotionally feel the prevailing mood in the country. This will be exceedingly vital to the future when I will need to give a descriptive scenario that happened in the workplace.

I gained the skill of how to present my experiences.When I did my profile essay, I gained the skills of introduction of the description of organizations. This implies that, in the future, I will not be stuck on how to explain to the target market what the organization I work with does. It means that I have gained the professional skill of persuading target audience through explaining the merits of engaging in something. The persuasive essay hhelped me present opinions based on what I stand for in regards to capital punishment. As such, I gained the skill of remaining firm, and not allowing the crowd to sway me.

Despite all the skills that I have learnt as a writer, I have learnt that I need to work on some weaknesses. For instance, I need to learn how to aim at my target audience through my choice of words. I have established that it will help me in passing my message easily to the audience than I did before. I have also learnt the need of appreciating group work so as to grow together with my colleagues.In conclusion, I intend to work on weaknesses and pursue my strengths. This will ensure that I become an eloquent writer with a gigantic impact on society.