Life in the New Frontier

It was a day like any other, boring and inadequate.

My father ranting explained that we were going through an economical crisis, his face shriveled with fear while he mentioned my choices for my future. Either to work with sweat and tears or leave my country to search for a worthy future. My heart dropped when I observed my father’s face as he told me this. I’ve been wary of all the people who had gone to other places to search for a better life, moreover, I stayed strong and decided to leave my family, friends and life however, guaranteeing a better future. Almost 30% of all Hispanic teenagers abandon their country at a young age in search of a wonderful life elsewhere.

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Also I would be a small part of the percentage of these dreamers, searching for a better future for themselves and their family, as I left my home I felt as I was leaping into a new world full of new chances and opportunities. Then I finally understood the true American dream, starting a new life from scratch, from nothing. Life as an entrepreneur likewise the 43.3 million foreigners that leave their home for a better shot at life, as I wondered my days for a better education I had a flashback when my dad had explained our problems and thought to myself “I have to do this for him”. I felt total liberty and freedom, as I started my new life in this new place, a land full of opportunities and hope. The life in this new frontier.