The Frontier

The Frontier had many impacts on the American politics. Individuals involved in the Frontier process were able to adapt and deal with any circumstances their life offered and make good use of any rising opportunity.

Through individualization, the early settlers were able to cope up with any challenges that nature presented. In addition, this individuality made Americans develop a government that could contain individualism; hence, the characteristic of the Americans includes suspicion, violence, and mistrust to the government due to being independent in solving personal issues (Slotkin 7). This mentality of individualism has been shown in the country’s protest to hierarchy and the governments’ increased tyranny and interventions in individuals’ lives. The Americans believe in individualism so much that it has been applied to the most aspects of American lives. This is where the vast majority of American reforms originated.

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In the current American political set up, the citizens have the ability to initiate new rule into the legislature, the right to vote political leaders, and the referendum. The West had a lot of influence because time limits were forms of reforms that originated fromthe West.The American government has low involvement in the Westerners’ lives, and currently, most Western parts are still developing their society, civilization and governments. The East that has been on the civilized side of the Frontier has opposite characteristics, since people seem to respect and stick to the rules of their governments, since they are mentally prepared that there is nothing that they can do to change it. The US is a very diverse but quite tolerant in social mixing.

America has become very safe to various people, due to freedom and democracy in the region. Individuals from a particular community have the freedom to live together in clusters, hence leading to minimal conflicts with other communities (Crane 48). The Frontier also had implications to the modern American economy. This happens because of the clustered settlements of communities, hence causing people not to require the interference of the government in the national economy. The Frontier led to a laissez-faire form of the economic system which refers to an economy in which the government has no power to interfere with the daily running of the nation’s economic activities. The present day economic system inn US indicates that individuals take risks due to individualism.

Thus, the American history states that the country was settled so fast, because the resources were limited and easily available (Czajka).In conclusion, the Frontier had many implications in affecting the modern lives of the Americans psychologically. The Americans are very happy people in problem solving or in puzzles. Furthermore, the Americans have been able to solve problems or issues that affect their individual lives. This individualism is a culture traced back in the frontier culture because the earlier settlers had no choice but to solve their personal problems through various ways or they would endanger their lives.

This has also led to the psychology of the American society for people are more violent (Slotkin 17). This is the negative aspect of the frontier culture in which no government existed, and people had to solve and settle their own problems. Eventually it led to violence and murder as an attempt to avoid conflict. The Americans are very violent group of people, but have a lot of belief to egalitarianism, indicating equality in the society. Thus, the Frontier experience has been a very important experience that shaped the American culture.?