Life of Pi: Character Analysis

In the book Life of Pi, Piscene Patel is a teenage boy lost at sea, after a shipwreck during his family’s move to Canada from their native India. Although I may live under much different circumstances, I strongly identify myself with Pi. In many ways, I share his love for animals, interest in religion, and survivalist spirit. As a vegetarian and animal lover, I felt a real connection with Pi, because of his views on animals. Pi is thought of as careless by his family, for the amount of trust he places in animals. At a young age, he poses fearless towards the zoo’s Bengali Tiger.

Although I may have never come face to face with such a stark creature, I have always been fascinated by animals and feel that I would take similar action if placed in his position. As well as having a shared affinity of animals, I also began to explore religion privately at an age relative to Pi’s. In the book, Pi begins to practice Hinduism with his mother, but secretly practices Christianity and Islam, until discovered because of a collision between his religious fathers and his family. However, when my family became aware of my religious fascination, they were not as accepting. Yet I still wish to study many faiths like Pi. Although many may have seen Pi’s religious views as a phase of his youth, they are what guided him through his time stranded at sea.

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He explains that some have a survivalist spirit, while others are more willing to give up. His survival instinct alongside his faith are what keep him alive. It is because of Pi’s gentle, yet powerful spirit, that makes him very dear to our hearts. I personally identify with him on many levels. His demeanor, as well as his interest made the book Life of Pi a very enjoyable experience for me.