Self-Character Analysis

In order for a puzzle to take form, each piece must have its own figure in order to fit all together. All members of society have their own personality.

Without the distinctness that makes an individual, I would stand out no more than a leaf in the middle of a forest. Friends like to be around me because I am intelligent, hopeful, and childish. My parents have always told me perform my best in school, and as a result, I am intelligent. In school I have always earned high grades. In elementary school and to this day I am eager to learn new information.

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I particularly liked reading books about animals and their habitats. Due to my interest in learning, I have earned high grades. Throughout my life, my intelligence will continue to expand. Even though I am intelligent, equally important is my hopefulness. Even through difficult situations, hope is something that is planted firmly inside me.

Each day is something to look forward to because the day holds a new opportunity. I am always hopeful of a better future, despite my economic disadvantages. My main goal is to attend a college or university. I know I can make it because I am hopeful and determined to achieve my goals. I believe that hopefulness will make me go far in life.

In addition to being intelligent and hopeful, I am also childish. I can laugh at silly jokes and I still reflect myself at a younger age. I still like to doodle and sing along to kiddy tunes. My friends say that I have a childish character because I act innocently at times. Although I am mature in many ways, I am still a little girl at heart.

The childish part of my character is what makes me a lovable person. Each individual has unique personality traits. Being intelligent, hopeful, and childish are characteristics that are essential to making me valuable person. I am an important member in society because I am a unique puzzle piece in a colossal puzzle. By me having certain traits makes me fit into society’s puzzle.

Dr. Seuss once said, “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” These traits are the reason I have great friends and have a promising future. I am blessed to obtain these personality traits that make me a dazzling individual. I am proud to obtain these traits because of the advantages I have. In conclusion, I am a puzzle piece with a unique figure because of my three most treasured character traits.