Scarlet Letter Character Analysis

Your task is to write a thesis-based character analysis essay. Details regarding the thesis specific to this essay are outlined below. Your body paragraphs will follow the same assertion/valence/commentary formula they usually do, but a few helpful details regarding how best to use evidence and commentary in this situation are included below as well. Finally, your paper must reach some significant conclusion, an answer to the “so what” questions that linger in your reader’s mind after you have proven your thesis, a connection to the universal beyond the circumstances of this paper alone.

Your work will be evaluated using our standards-based rubrics for.

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A completed, polished essay Is due by DCE. 20, 2013. Mr.. Allen will review the essay and leave detailed feedback over winter break, and the essay will be resubmitted Jan.

21, 2013 for final review. Character Analysis Thesis A character analysis thesis is a declarative statement with three important parts: 1 . A character – be clear about the agent whom you are discussing (MUST be from The Scarlet Letter). 2.

An action/ability/thought/feeling/belief completed or held by the character – you must be clear regarding the Acton/though/belief for which you are proposing a rationale.

3. A personality-based rationale – you must hold that your character [did/was able to do/thought/felt/believed what you said he did/was able to do/thought/felt/believed; a. K. A. Pet. 2] because of certain specific personality traits of his.

A clarifying example: Odysseus was able to defeat the Cyclops because he was clever, strong, and bold.

NOTE: Odysseus has many traits, Including loyalty to peers and family. However, loyalty did not contribute to his ability to defeat the Cyclops, so It Is not Included In this essay. Body Paragraphs Body paragraphs in this style of essay have three main objectives: (1) to claim that the character holds that personality trait, (2) to exhibit evidence of that personality trait, and (3) to prove that the personality trait in question contributed to the action/ ability/thought/feeling/belief (Pet. 2) you’ve said it does.

Here Is a suggested outline: Assertion: claim that your character demonstrates a specific personality trait.

Evidence: Through a combination of paraphrased context and direct quotation, show your reader your character demonstrating that personality trait Commentary: Explain for your reader how the personality trait can be seen in the context and quotation you Just shared. If you would like, you can begin to extend your commentary here to show how this trait was a cause of the action/ability/thought/feeling/belief mentions in Pet. Of your thesis Relocating/expanding evidence: You should provide additional evidence that reinforces that your character demonstrates the trait while also showing that the trait was a cause of the action/ability/thought/feeling/belief mentions in Pet. 2 of your thesis. Commentary: You should finish each paragraph with commentary that ties all of your evidence to your assertion and to your thesis at large.