An Inspiration

Their are many different aspects of teaching. Someone can teach you how to do something whether its learning math, how to drive, or even cooking. The most inspirational teachers, are the ones that teach a more important aspect of life.

For Mrs. McClure, it came natural. Cleburne High School is one of the many schools that get students involved in a organization called FCCLA. It is a student lead organization with amazing adviser that do their best to guide the students in becoming more involved in their community. My Junior year was my first year attending Cleburne High, and i was put in Mrs. McClure’s class for personal family development.

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She informed the class of the program and encouraged everyone to join and get involved. It ended up being the most awarding twenty dollars i had spent. I learned to be a better leader and that the actions i take towards helping my community can make a difference. Mrs. McClure gathered a group of girls, me included, to enter a competition against different schools across the state.

Mrs. McClure pushed us to do the best we could and make sure we made everything perfect. She never settled for less, and always found a new way to approach things. She taught me to never give up or settle for something less than my best. My group got first in region, and third in state. We were two places away from making nationals but we know we did the best we could.

Without Mrs. McClure, we wouldn’t have even made it to state. Mrs. McClure never lets anyone give up without a fight, and always saw potential in everyone. She was the most inspirational teacher i have had in all my twelve years of school.