An Issue Of Justice: Feminism

Feminism is a movement within philosophy and other disciplines that emphasizes the role of gender in shaping how we think, focuses on the historical and social forces that have excluded women, and strives to produce a society that recognizes women and men as both different and equal. Women should no longer live in a society with a constant fear of unjust harassment and unequal, bias behavior. Many women have a misplaced embarrassment and shame put on themselves for being publicly harassed, raped, and eve being sent out of class for being out of dress code.

This is sad because girls school day gets interrupted by something as simple as the clothing she is wearing. You are telling young girls that the way she looks and is viewed by men particularly is more important than her education. Most women have a fear of walking around alone at night most likely because 1 in every 5 women gets raped or sexually assaulted, thats a reported rape every 6.2 minutes, and to think, many occurrences don’t even get reported. Girls and women shouldn’t have to live in a constant fear like this. There is a definite issue with groups who deal with rape.

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“They try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape” (Kurt Cobain). A woman’s clothes do not give consent over her mouth, and a woman owes a man nothing. Men ought to be taught and understand this so that rape and of the such do not occur. We must go the source.

Men tend to become slightly defensive when talking about the topic of sexual assault, saying common phrases like, “not all men are like that.” Now however true this statement is, it is said far too often because enough men are like this. Women are assaulted, violated, embarrassed, and judged on a daily basis. It is sad that women feel the need to say, “I have a boyfriend” instead of “no” because men respect other men more than they would ever respect a woman. Women have a right to their body, words, and other disciplines as human beings. People in general need to learn how to treat a lady, or anyone for that matter because we seem to have forgotten.

The fact the many women do not feel comfortable or accepted in their own skin is in itself, unjust.