Analyse Hardware

The hardware that I will be using for my PowerPoint presentation will be a pc, this is very important because it will have the PowerPoint on it.

A computer must be needed in order for the PowerPoint to show. A monitor must be needed so that the PowerPoint is shown and that the user can see it. A keyboard must be needed so that any changes that need to be made can be made. A mouse must be needed to point onto the computer and maybe make changes to anything. A good monitor will be needed so that everything can be seen. A projector must be needed so that the PowerPoint can be shown on a screen so it is big enough for everyone to see.

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A digital camera can also be used so that any pictures needed on the PowerPoint can be imported from the digital camera. A usb will also be needed to save the presentation on this will be used as a backup copy. These will all be needed to create my PowerPoint.SoftwareThere are many software’s that I can use to create my PowerPoint. Software’s include PowerPoint software (presentation, graphics, applications), Microsoft photo editor (image editor) internet explorer (web browser). For creating my PowerPoint I am going to use Microsoft PowerPoint version 2002. This will be the most suitable application because it has many different features. Using any other application would not be as effective. Your presentation will be saved as a PPT file (Microsoft PowerPoint format)Advantages of PowerPoint* Can easily input images* Has different templates* Simple to add media* More interesting to look at the verbal presentationDisadvantages of PowerPoint* Can take some time to complete one slide* Has many features so can take long to getting used to.Advantages of Publisher* Easy to use* Different templatesDisadvantages of Publisher* Doesn’t have precise layouts* Long to install* Complicated to useFrom looking at the advantages and disadvantages I can see that there are more advantages for using PowerPoint then using Publisher.

Publisher does not have the features needed in order to create the Science presentation.InputThe information that I will need for my presentation will be about the science departmentDataTypeCollectionInputEg. What is Science all about.TextFrom what the user knows of ScienceKeyboardTopics that will be taught in the Science club.TextThis information will be collected form the user on what topics she will be teaching.

KeyboardTimes that the Science club will take place.Text and numbersThis information will come from the user.KeyboardWhat you will benefit from it.TextThis information will come from me.KeyboardWhy it is new and exiting.TextThis information will come from me.

KeyboardThank you pageTextThis does not need any informationKeyboardFormat of Text and GraphicsThere will be about 5-7 slideshows on information about the Science club. Each slideshow will contain at least a picture and every slide show will contain an animation. This is to make sure that everyone’s attention stays on the slideshow. On all the slideshows all the buttons will be the same size and will be positioned in the same area to make it look professional.On each slide there will be the title of what the slide is about. This will be in larger size in comparison to the rest of the writing.

The writing will not be just black but will be different colours. Although all writing will be the same font.The format of the slideshows will all be spaced out so that everything is clear. This will be an advantage so that everyone can see it. I would not use to many colours or to many pictures as this will distract the pupils, only the main information must be able to get across to the pupils.

OutputThe way that my PowerPoint will be presented is my clicking on buttons. This will be better then doing it automatically as then I can control when I want the slide to change. To show my PowerPoint presentation I will be using an interactive whiteboard so that it is big enough for everyone to see. This will be seen using a projector.The output I will be using is using the whiteboard as that is how it would be seen.

This is the best method of output as it is large and clear. An alternative output will be to use an interactive whiteboard where the pupils can control it themselves but this would be to expensive. Speakers will be needed as there will be some music playing while the user presents the slideshow. This Is to make it more interesting and to keep the pupils interested. A printer will not be needed because there will be nothing to print out.

Data RequiredData flow diagramMiss Smith Enters in all the information she needs onto each slide for her presentation.Miss Smith then opens her PowerPoint with all her information and presents it to her pupils.BackupThe folder containing the PowerPoint should be saved on the system and the usb so that it does get lost. This is important as if it does get lost then the whole presentation has to be recreated which will take a long time. The file should be backed up every month if the information is changed.

CD- Disadvantages* Once CD rom is created information cannot be changed.* Slow upgrade* Limited accessDisk- Disadvantages* too much disk space usage can slow down your computer* Can only store a certain amountFloppy disk-Disadvantages* Time consuming* Out of fashion* Limited capacity* Not suitable for backing up data from other programs such as: Microsoft Excel, Word etc..SecuritySecurity is very important, if any files are misplaced or lost it will be very long to find and all the details will have to be reinstalled into the system. This will take up time as it will have to be recreated. There will be a need for securing the system and there are a couple of ways to secure the system:* Using passwords to avoid anyone except from the people who work there to have access.* Using Anti-virus will stop computers clashing, virus from getting in and slowing the system down* Using back-ups will be convenient, for important information* Making it read only* CCTV* Lock on the door