Analysis of Mission and Vision Statement

Environment as been first and most important issue in priorities of Toyota and working toward creating a prosperous society and clean world. The vision statement of Toyota Indus Motors Company Ltd is clear and powerfully communicates its intentions and motivates the team and organization to realize an attractive and inspiring common vision of the future. It defines the organizational purpose in terms of the organization’s values rather than bottom line measures. It seeks to create value for its customers by “delighting” them.

Furthermore it envisions eing the most respected, successful, having a wide range of products, and the best people and technology.

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The mission statement of Toyota Indus Motors Company Ltd, defines the organization’s purpose and primary objectives. Its prime function is “to provide a safe and sound Journey. ” It provides a reason for being, which is one of the most important aspect of a mission statement. The mission statement is clear and concise and provides focus and a sense of direction. Toyota’s focus as mentioned in the mission statement is to develop new technologies and to conserve energy.

They lso seek to be environment friendly.

Our vision crystallizes our customer focus as the cornerstone of everything we do. Our values describe what behaviors are necessary to realize that vision. Our corporate responsibility mindset ensures that our vision and values nurture social concern and help us create shared value. Our Vision Our vision is simple: We’re here to help We exist to help our customers get the full benefit of communications services in their daily lives. The key to achieving this vision is a mindset where every one of us works together:

Making it easy to buy and use our services.

Delivering on our promises. Being values: Make it Easy We’re practical. We don’t complicate things. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. Because we never forget we’re trying to make customers’ lives easier.

Keep Promises Everything we set out to do should work, or if it doesn’t, we’re here to help. We’re about delivery, not over promising, actions not words. Be Inspiring We are creative. We strive to bring energy to the things we do. Everything we produce should look good, modern and fresh.