Mission Statement

The Coca Cola is an American, international beverage corporation (Coca-Cola Company 1971). The company markets, retails and markets non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups.

The coca cola company is best renowned for its flagship merchandise Coca cola. A pharmacist known as John Stith Pemberton in 1886, in Columbus Georgia, invented the Coca Cola beverage. Asa Candler then purchased this invention, formula and brand. He incorporated the Coca Cola Company in 1982. Other than their flagship product Coca Cola, the company provides over 500 different brands all over the world and is operational as a company in over 200 countries and regions. The company operates a licensed distribution system since 1889 where The Coca-Cola Company simply produces syrup concentrate.

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It is then, distributed all over the world to its different bottlers. Their anchor bottler is located in North America and is known as Coca-Cola Refreshments. The company’s headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States (Plummer, 2007). The company’s stock is listed on the NYSE. It is also part of the Russell 1000 Index, DJIA, S&P 500 Index and the Russell 1000 Growth Stock Index. Currently Muhtar Ken is the chief executive and chairperson of The Coca-Cola Company.

The Coca-Cola Company has a 2020 vision, which provides a roadmap for business also for their bottlers located all over the world. It provides a long-term destination for the company. Their mission states the purpose of the company and helps them weigh their decisions and actions. Their mission is to refresh the human race, to instigate moments of happiness and optimism. Lastly is to make a difference and create value in people’s lives.

The main objective of the Coca Cola Company is to be the best in beverage sales, in the world, also to be the best customer service company worldwide. For The Coca-Cola Company, being the best worldwide means that they are number one or the second best company in every group in which they participate. They also aim to be the most valued beverage supplier to all their customers and to help establish an inclusive and winning cuture. Their corporate aims and values are to meet all their shareholders expectations. Like all other companies today, The Coca-Cola Company recognizes that its prosperity in any region also depends on the well-being of the local community. Therefore, The Coca-Cola Company invests in the community through education projects, health and environmental projects.

The data found in this research was collected from secondary sources such as periodicals, books and financial reports. 2.3 Research Limitations (Barriers or problems encountered) • Time The time available to carry out this research was not adequate. • Financial constraints There were inadequate funds available for the research Cola Coca company is like no other in the world today. Its popularity all over the world is almost unparalleled. The branding used by the company is easily recognizable to a large percentage of the world’s population.

There is certainly no company that compares to the social popularity status of The Coca Cola Company. A good number of people take Coca Cola not only because of the quality and because of taste but also because they want to feel as a part of something unifying. Large-scale operations The Coca Cola Company is the greatest producer of non alcoholic beverages all over the world. It has been operational in the USA since its inception in 1886. It is currently operational in over 200 countries with approximately 52 billion servings of their products every day. Trademarked beverages of those licensed to The Coca Cola company account for approximately 1.

4 billion. The company operates 32 principal syrups and concentrate plants located all over the world (Pride, & Ferrell, 2006). The company also owns more than 95 bottling plants located outside the USA. Its large-scale operations and presence all over the world enable it to enter future markets effortlessness. Growth in assets annd income The Coca-Cola Company recorded an increase in their net income between the year 2008-2009 and 2009-2010.

Also during this year’s their assets increased by a great margin. This may lead to increased investment for the company. It also helps to keep the current investors and employees of the company happy. This is because they know their investments in the company are safe. (See appendix 1 and 2).

A new venture of The Coca Cola Company and Nestle has led to the formation of Beverage partners worldwide (BPW). This has thus led to increased sales revenue and popularity for the company. The company’s average Return on Equity (ROE) HAS BEEN 37.08% for the last five years. Furthermore, it gets a Return on Capital (ROC) of 33.

6%. This gives the company an exceptionally strong financial position.The Coca Cola Company received negative publicity in the year 2006, in India. This happened when the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) accused the company of selling products, which contained residues of pesticide. The residues contained in the coca cola products sold all around India were said to cause disease.

This was such as a reduction in bone mineral density; cancers also could bring about the damage of the nervous and reproductive systems. This negative image of the company in India could easily lead to decreased investor confidence (Kimmel, Weygandt & Kieso, 2011). Products such as Coke and Sprite are well known and well advertised all over the world. However, the company has over 400 beverages in circulation all over the world and most people only know of a few which the company markets vigorously. The coca cola company has been facing heavy external debts amounting to approximately 2700 million dollars in the year 2002 The coca cola company has discontinued production of some of their products after launching them. These are such as Coca Cola with lime, Coca Cola black and Coca Cola with lemon.

This leads to creating a bad image for the company.