Analysis of new savoury

1. The main name of our product is large and will stand out to customers and to ensure this the colours used will be bright but will keep an exotic atmosphere to it emphasising the name “Snake”.

2. The flavour of the crisps merges with the title to ensure that the customer sees the flavour instantly, not mistaking it for another flavour.3. The promotion of our product will include prize give-away’s expanding our products life cycle and improving sales. The prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd will show how we think about more than one customer.4.

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The small guide of general nutrition at the bottom left will allow the customer to find factors of nutrition like fat, salt or calories quickly from a first glance.5. The weight of the crisp packet is located below the general nutrition values to show how much people are getting for their money.6. The price of the packet is located at the top left corner of the packet so it is not false advertised of sold for less than it should. It will avoid us loosing money and allow a customer to see if they are being cheated of their money.

7. The design of our product will highlight the type of flavours we will be selling; exotic type flavours will be sold from “Exotics”.Back of packet1. The brand name is made smaller at the top left corner but still clear for the customer to read and the website is given below the title of our product so customers can view our flavours and contact us to give us their views on our savoury snack.2. The evaluation of our product is located below the product title saying how the crisps were made and how good they taste and briefly referring to the research from the tasting panel of our new flavour.

3. the terms and conditions are given for the prize give-away on the front side of our packet to show how you could win and what the rules are for the competition.4. The full information is given for the nutrition values for both 1 bag and 2 bags of our crisps. This will give the customer all the information they need.

5. The ingredients will give all ingredients of our snack and mention if traces of nuts are included or not ant they are given in different languages to be accessible to more people.6. Basic barcode to give the price in supermarkets so it can be lazered quickly.7.

The use by date is given to show when the snack is edible until.