Analysis on Buddy

Buddy Critical Essay The television series “Buddy” is based on the novel of the same name by Nigel Hinton. It tells the story of the life of Buddy and Terry Clark. Buddy Clark is the eponymous hero of the program, “Buddy”, which is a television series about his difficult life. At the beginning Buddy is about to go to school. The audience sees the mother, Carol and the father, Terry arguing. Buddy asks for money because he wants to go on a school trip Carol says she hasn’t got enough money, so Buddy takes the money from her purse and goes to school.

When he gets home his mother is very angry because she notices that the money is missing.

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Carol then leaves home because she thinks she needs some time alone. Now, Buddy and Terry are left without their hard working mother/wife in the house. The plot is made up of several different strands: Buddy’s life at home, life at school, life with friends and the horror in the middle and end of the series. Buddy’s life at home changes when his mother leaves.

The kitchen is a mess and the washing doesn’t get done, and Terry is really lazy, so Buddy has no clean school clothes. His ‘nice’ hair has been chopped off and Terry is broke. In and out of school, Buddy only has two friends, Julius and Charmian Rybeero.

They are Twin brother and sister. Ever since Carol left, Buddy’s teacher moans at him about not wearing proper uniform. Buddy visits a building called “56 Croxley St” many times throughout the series.

Sometimes Julius and Charmian join him. After a while Terry starts stealing jewellery without telling Buddy. Terry makes a lot of money and starts taking buddy to shops and buying him things for school. His teacher notices the change in his appearance. It is parent’s night and Terry meets Mr Rybeero and realises that he is a nice man. Then Terry stops being racist towards black people.

One night, Terry comes home with blood all over his hands and buddy helps him out. Terry told him that he fell off of his motor bike, but buddy soon figures out that his father is lying. Terry actually cut his hands by climbing over a fence after stealing jewels. The audience then finds out that Terry is working for a man called Mr King. Mr King is “The Beast’s Uncle”; the Beast is a man that people though had killed an old lady’s cat but he didn’t. Terry wants to quit stealing but he says he is “in too deep”.

Buddy tries to help him by getting the police to go into 56 Croxley St. this is where the jewels are kept) and catch Mr King. This plan failed and Terry ends up being caught instead. Buddy runs away but returns home after a few days, to find his mum and dad. Terry was out on bail. He then goes to court and pleads guilty.

Terry tells Buddy to play the song “Everyday its-a-gettin’ closer” by Buddy Holly. The Overall performance was quite good. Buddy did quite well in acting. Terry was my favourite though, as I found his attitude funny; he was such a child. No one is the series done badly in the performance. The costumes suited the characters at the right place at the right time, e.


When Carole was around, Buddy was dressed smartly with combed hair, but when his mother leaves his hair is cut short and he looks like a tramp. My favourite costume was Terry’s suit at parent’s evening. It was unusual; it was shiny blue and something that a Rock Star would ware in that decade. There are four main settings in “Buddy”: His house, 56 Croxley St.

, School and the Rybeero’s house. Buddy’s house is where most of the family drama takes place with the arguments at the start to the crying at the end. Buddy visits the Rybeero’s house every once in a while. In school the teacher moans at Buddy about his uniform. 56 Croxley St.

Is where mysteries unfold and is also where the “Horror” takes place. Buddy stays here for a while when he thinks his mother will not come back and after his dad gets arrested. In “Buddy” during the horror scenes in 56 Croxley St, a lot of strange things happen that build atmosphere. The colour changes every once in a while: from red to blue to green. There is some flashing lights and a strong heart beat in the background. Voices can be heard of Terry .

The Music was from the 50’s of course, since Buddy holly was popular in the 50’s. In the program Terry is not good at showing his emotions, so he uses Buddy Holly songs, e. g. hen he is mad at Buddy for no reason, he play a song that has a main lyric like ” I’m sorry”. There are many different themes.

Buddy’s house turns into a mess after Carol leaves, plus the house was always dull anyway. The Rybeero’s house in a nice, fancy house and is very tidy. There are three main family relationships. In Buddy’s family, there is never peace. There is always an argument or Terry is in Jail.

Terry lets Buddy drink beer and drives him to the edge of a cliff on a motorbike. Carol was always hard working and organised. The Rybeero’s family is a very normal family (a set time for meals and the children have bed times).

The Campbell family has a sad story. Ralph’s (the beast) parents died when he was a young boy.

Ralph came home from school one day to find them dead in the house (56 Croxley St. ). His father stabbed his mother and then killed himself. This shocked Ralph so much that he gets stuck in a child’s state of mind. To summarise, ‘Buddy’ by Nigel Hinton is a dramatic tale that keeps the audience concerned for the boy and tough situation he and his father are in. Buddy consists of a good plot and acceptable acting.

I personally, would recommend this to any person who enjoys older drama and a good story.