Example of Personal Style Pest Analysis

PEST ANALYSIS| | Political| Economical| * Although my parents upbringings were very different in terms of location (my father in Britain, my mother the Philippines) both grew up under controversial political powers. My father under the conservative influences of Margaret Thatcher and my mother under the notorious dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos and his wife Imelda. * Because of my grandfathers successful career for which he was rewarded with financial comfort, his political views altered from labour to conservative, which influenced his son, my father.

However, my grandmother was from a working class family with a strong cockney background (she was born and raised in Bow, East London, before being evacuated to Surrey during WW2) and remained a Labour supporter. * My mother, who moved to the UK aged 19, also remained partial to political support for the working classes. | * My grandfather Donald Jackson was from a working class background who earned a scholarship to the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, Surrey.This provided him the platform to attend King’s College London and becoming a financial analyst, retiring after selling his partnership in a chartered accountancy. * My mother’s parents were raised in very poor, though not impoverished, families.

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However, my maternal grandfather, like my paternal one, succeeded through education and a strong work ethic. * I was born and raised in Surrey, one of the most affluent counties in England and the most highly saturated area of millionaires. I attended Amesbury Preparatory School, Surrey and then later the same school as my grandfather and father. * My half-brother, eleven years my senior, born to my mother by her first husband in Liverpool, had a state school education and this bought in different attitudes and viewpoints. * I lived in Surrey from birth till moving to Manchester for university in 2008. Before then, I had never been more North of England than Cambridge.

| Social| Technological| * There are three individuals in my life who I have been friends with since birth, due to our mothers friendship.Because of this we were styled as infants very similarly. * Friends from different education backgrounds bought different trends and fashions. For example: Sportswear as casual wear. * As I moved into sixth form, it was more the other people around me and what they wore that influenced what I did. For example: Boys wearing pink.

* In my teens I was still very much guided by what retailers stocked and used this to define what on-trend was. * It wasn’t until I moved to Manchester when my style was influenced and moulded and defined into what it is today. * The internet has had a profound affect on how I shop, what I am exposed to and how I am influenced in terms of fashion. * Google’s shopping search engine has enabled me to locate items that I might have seen on someone else either first hand or in the media * Ebay has enabled me to possess some fashion trends that I may have not been able to afford when purchased traditionally by looking into second-hand clothing. * Facebook has exposed me to thousands upon thousands of photographs via social networking provoking the voyeurism of seeing what other people are wearing. |