And You Think You Know

Everyone judges others.

Everyone has been judged, whether they were aware of it or not.Most people are aware of it.They do know what you’ve been saying behind their back.Stop for a minute and think before you open your mouth to say some nasty comment. The blonde you sit next to in geometry?She’s been wearing the same jeans and sweatshirt every other day for the last two years.You notice every time and snicker in ignorance.

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Ever thought she can’t afford a new pair of jeans?Of course you haven’t.Not only can she not afford a pair of jeans, but absolutely not the fresh pair of MissMe’s you’re rockin’ today. Walking through the halls, you notice a small girl with makeup caked on her face from her hairline to her chin.You turn to your friends and start talking, loudly mind you, about how fake she looks.You’re not helping her insecurities.She will never stand up to you, let alone her boyfriend who struck her face last night for talking back.

The bruise has bloomed across her cheek. A boy you notice new to your school wanders the halls.He doesn’t talk to anyone.He will not make eye contact.He’s the last one in the classroom and the first one out.

You tell your friends he’s just a bit odd.Ever wonder why he’s new to your school?He was bullied at his old one and moved here to try and get a fresh start.So go say hi. Not everyone has a terrible back story.Either way, think before you talk about someone.You don’t know them and they don’t know you.Don’t walk around spreading school gossip, because you think you know someone for who they really are.