High School Friends

Do you have to listen to modern music to be cool kid. Well am speaking out for the people who believe what I am saying but are too shy to speak their feelings. Have you ever notice that some people blast loud music at school, mostly rap music. Do you ever wonder if those kids have some song that they get sensitive too, not rap music or music the try to show off to their friends. I have an experience with a friend in this same situation. Do you notice when you friends start acting weird and deny it, like for true friends it’s so noticeable.

I will tell you how this changes his life and those around him, including friends, family, and students. It was around the mid of the second month just entering school and Jon my friends which i will be referencing to in this story to protect his identity. Me and Jon we sophomore in high school. Like most average teen that want to get to know more people and get invited to parties and sit with the popular kids during lunch. We tried out for football and made jv and starters on ours schools team.

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Some matches went by but we were just getting started. At this point Jon will start to change. One practice that i couldn’t attend too because i had a doctor’s appointment, Jon started to talk to one of the captains on the Varsity team and for the whole week Jon didn’t talk to me until the following monday we had football practice he asked me that is we wanted to get a bite after practice and i responded with a ” yes “. Practice sooner ended we were on our way out to BWW and as normal he would play his country music he always loved and i supported his tasted in music. After we ate we went to the electronic store and he bought a small speaker and i didn’t ask questions because that would been weird.

On Friday we had practice and we went together but within five minutes in the locker room he took off from me and i saw who he went to, it was the captain on the Varsity squad and Jon pulled out his new speaker and was proud to show him and started to play music. There was just one thing off from the music and it was some music Jon would never listen too and it was rap. He shook his head like if it was his favorite song on the planet. After practice ended Jon didn’t even come near me because he was too busy blasting rap music near the Varsity team. He sooner came over to me and told me if i wanted a ride home and i said ” yes “. We were in the car and he started to play his country music like always and i told him why he didn’t talk to me the whole practice and why was he was blasting rap music to the Varsity team but he didn’t answer me at all.

He just looked at me and said “huh, whatever” and started to tell me that he got invited to this big house party Kids if you want to be noticeable just be yourself and your real peers will accept you just the way you are. People will notice if anyone started acting different and not themselves. You should always offer you help and do all that is possible if help is really needed.