Animal Farm Analysis (my metaphore enterpretation School Project)

In George Orwells Animal Farm, the events, people and places are a metaphor for the real life events of the Russian Revolution The Animal Farm is the Soviet union of the book and the Manor Farm (what it had been called when it was under Jones’ rule) was Russia. In the Beginning Jones and Czar Nicolas the second who’s people are tired of there rule.

Jones was once a kind leader but he and his men had taken to drinking and became a tyrant. The people (animals) had found a new way of life. First introduced in Animal Farm by Old Major (metaphore for Carl Marx’s Communism), Animalism. This new, hopeful, more appealing way of life is quickly accpeted by the the animals (people). Napolean and Squealer are pair in this book, Napolean is the master mind and Orwells biggest Villian.

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He is a metaphor for Stalin the corrupt (putting it lightly) leader in the Russian Revolution, the both are not real followers of Animalism/Communism. Squealer represents the propaganda in Russia at the time of the revolution, he speaks for Napolean out of all sides of the mouth. He says whatever Napolean needs him too to get what he wants. The animals who make up the animal farm all represent something in the revolution. Boxer is the working force of animal farm, hes not to smart but all says Napolean is right, but has nothing but good intentions. He represents the niave working class of Russia.

The sheep are also, but the play less importance in the book. Then there’s Benjamin who’s old and pretty unchanged thru the intire book. Hes the Skeptic. The cats represent the lowlifes, the thugs, even circus people, or gypsies in Russia at the time of the revolution. The Dogs represent the KGB the secret police of Russia.

the weren’t real police they were lowlifes, to takes away any threats at any means so Stalin and his men could get exactly what they wanted. Just like the Russian Revolution, Animal Farm ends up exactly how it started Napolean and his men drank and bent and broke every rule in the commandments. They were curupt liars and Dictators just like the ones that they rebelled against in the first place.