Animal Farm’s Government

“Animal Farm” Without Mr. Jones in charge, how will the animals govern themselves?The farm animals at Manor Farm gather around Old Major to hear his plans for a better life he envisions.The animals could finally be free from human control, specifically Mr. Jones.

The animals battle with the humans, find their freedom, and rename the farm Animal Farm.The animals assemble, forming a government.Over time the government structure changes leading to one leader.Readers soon realize that freedom from humans does not imply economic or political freedom.”Animal Farm” is an example of a dictatorial government structure.

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After the death of Old Major Snowball, Squealer, and Napoleon form the principals of Animalism.The animals agree on seven commandments. “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.Whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend.No animal shall wear clothes.No animal shall sleep in a bed.

No animal shall drink alcohol.No animal shall kill any other animal.All animals are equal”(27).At first everything seems to be fair and equal but soon circumstances change.There is dispute about the windmill that Snowball wants to build, and Napoleon’s attack dogs chase Snowball out during the debate.

This is the beginning of Napoleon claiming total power.Napoleon was a proponent of the windmill, but opposing it was part of his scheme of getting rid of Snowball and gaining control.Napoleon abolishes the animals’ Sunday meetings and claims the intelligent pigs rule.Napoleon dictates that milk and apples are to be given solely to the pigs.The animals on the farm are unaware of the problematic issues of their government, so they are very patriotic.Chants the animals sing are “Four legs good two legs bad” and “The Beasts of England.

” With the passage of time, more changes begin to take place. Soon the commandments are no longer a reliable set of laws.The commandments begin to change to suit Napoleon’s preferences.Now animals can sleep in a bed with sheets and drink alcohol.The animals in “Animal Farm” don’t realize the commandments are being changed.

They assume that they are not remembering the commandments correctly.The once peaceful farm continues to deteriorate, and unfortunately no restrictions are placed upon the ruling class.The dictator, Napoleon makes decisions. Napoleon gives many commands to the animals in “Animal Farm”.He dictates the battles with the humans, gives orders on building the windmill, and tells the animals to plant barley.The animals don’t question authority and do as told.

Boxer said, “Napoleon is always right in addition to his private motto of I will work harder”(65).The animals are uneducated and unaware of their dire circumstances.Napoleon is a sly, cunning, and selfish pig.He uses intelligence to his advantage, enjoys human luxuries, and exploits the animals.Napoleon forces manual labor.

He also forces the animals to confess crimes and promptly slaughters them. The commandments are abolished leaving one commandment.The final commandment is, “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”(148).This commandment is a summation of a governing system that is ruled by a dictator.This form of government led to unnecessary chaos and destruction.Under the leadership of Napoleon, Animal Farm was in a state of disarray.”Animal Farm” gives an eye-opening example of the resulting consequences of one individual gaining too much power.