The Negatives of Animal Testing

Animal testing kills 100 million innocent animals a year just in the America states the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. These staggering numbers should be the reason we stop this madness.

The truth behind animal testing is horrible but most people are uneducated on the subject therefore they don’t have a problem with it. Drugs, soap and make up are tested on animals every day in the most painful and cruel ways. While some people believe animal testing is a positive thing because of the similarities in humans and animals, it is actually true that animal testing is inhumane and needs to stop because the negative effects are out weighing the positives.The fact that animal testing is inaccurate makes it pointless to continue. The Food and Drug Administration reports that 92 out of 100 drugs that pass animal testing fail to pass human testing. Science is all about statistics and the statistics don’t back up animal testing.

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Nothing with a beating heart should live in consistent pain if it doesn’t have too. In this case, 92 out of 100 animals living in pain because of animal testing don’t have a reason to be. If the data is inaccurate, lives of cats, dogs and even bunnies, the same animals we have as pets, are being wasted. The scientists behind the experiments have blood on their hands.Fear, pain, and loneliness are feelings nothing should ever feel and especially not for a lifetime.

Animal testing procedures are terrifying and gruesome. The US Department of Agriculture reported that thousands of animals that were experiencing pain received no pain relief. That’s torture. New studies done over the computer are more accurate and cheaper than animal testing. (Reported from the New York Times) Why do we continue to force animals to live caged up and neglected when there are new more effective inventions?Many people think animal testing is a healthy idea because 98% percent of DNA in animals is the same to a human. (Researched by NEAVS) This is the exact reason we should stop.

Animals feel pain and neglect the same way humans do. The only difference between a human and animal feeling pain is humans have a voice. Animals are mistreated and their lives are being wasted because they can’t stand up for themselves. If animals and humans are so alike, we need to stop the testing.The flawed animal testing methods need to come to an immediate halt. Anything that breathes and has a beating heart deserves a chance.

A life of caged up laboratory experiments filled with pain and fear is not a life at all. The low percentage of accurate results is not worth the pain and suffering of these animals are under in these harsh laboratories. Wasting lives on experiments that have so many negatives needs to stop. Humanity needs to be brought to these laboratories.Bibliography”Animal Testing –

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