Animal Research


I believe that medical experiments on animals should be allowed only in case it is impossible to reach the same benefits by using other methods. Though medical experiments are quite useful and important for new medicines inventing, animals should not suffer. If life is the biggest value one can not forget that, are also life beings. Moreover, animals can rarely protect themselves from human beings. To my mind, volunteers, who are informed properly about all the details of the experiment and about its consequences should be the subjects to experiments. 2.

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If considering the utilitarian theory of morality the suffering of animals is justified by the human benefits. If the final result of the experiment brings important information for some diseases treatment it will probably hep to save more lives than were sacrificed. The issue is that the animals can not sacrifice their lives consciously and voluntary.3. I fully agree that mice and rats are completely enough for researching and testing medicaments, moreover, biologically they have almost equal sets of genes just as humans have. Even EU allows the experiments on higher apes such as chimpanzees gorillas and orangutans only in case there are no alternative methods.

I think higher animals can help science only at space exploration. 4. According to the Bible animals can be killed only for food, but nowadays it is obvious that science requires victims. Eating animals is aimed to save one’s life, the aim of the science is also saving lives. Consequently, the aim is almost the same, and humanity mmust understand and accept experiments.

The only difference between killing animals for food and for science is that they more often suffer longer in the second case. That is why it is important to ease animal sufferings in case they are used for testing.5. I mostly agree with Daniel Popiel’s views on the issue of experiments on animals, I believe many other people do, too. According to all the answers it is possible to make a conclusion that the experiments on animals can take place only if it is inevitable and no alternative methods can be chosen. It really is very difficult to decide if the sufferings of animals are justified until the result of the testing are visible.

The science is important, but humans should not forget that life is the biggest value no matter be it a human’s or animals one.