Case Study on Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse Case Study:

Animal abuse is associated with cruel attitude towards animals. When one causes harm to physical and psychological health of an animal, he abuses it. Animal abuse is characterized with the lack of logical motives of cruelty to animals.

Many people abuse an animal, even though it does not cause harm to their health. There are several types of animal abuse. First, it is killing animals for fur and food. Naturally, this aspect touches upon wild animals and pets.Secondly, it is hunting. Hunters kill animals for fun and treat their action as a kind of sports.

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The problem of hunting is very serious, because many hunters utilize inhumane methods of hunting that torture animals and cause terrible pain and suffering. Thirdly, it is industrial animal farming. Such animals are kept in inhumane conditions, where they do not have space to move and sleep well. Moreover, these animals (cows, sheep, hens, pigs, etc.) are slaughtered in cruel way that causes suffering and slow death.Animal abuse is also connected with entertainment.

For example, there are problems of bullfighting and circuses that cause physical and psychological pain to animals. Next, big corporations often conduct unnecessary scientific experiments upon animals testifying their production, for example, cigarettes, weapon, alcohol, perfume, cosmetics, etc. Finally, animal abuse is connected with neglected domestic animals and pets. Many domestic animals live in inappropriate conditions and suffer from starvation and physical abuse. In the majority of countries, any actions of cruelty to animals are punished with law.

Furthermore, many international organizations struggle for animal rights and for prevention of zoosadism all over the world.A case study about cruelty to animals is very useful for every young person who is involved into the field of law. Young experts are able to research this problem in detail and share their own ideas about the solution of this shameful problem.One ought to start from the definition of the cause of this problem. One should think about the roots of animal abuse and evaluate all consequences of this action. Moreover, he should work hard to analyze the suggested case accurately.

It is important to study the case sight, the participants of this crime, their motives and the character of their actions.Finally, one should solve this case well and evaluate the relevance of cruelty to animals and its effect on human society.Many students claim that they cannot cope with their case studies successfully, because they do not have enough knowledge and experience. Fortunately, it is possible to improve your creativity and critical thinking skills if you read a free college sample case study on animal abuse in Malaysia. This example text will teach you how to build your case study correctly and how to research the problem about animal abuse wisely.