Case Study on Abuse

Abuse Case Study:

Abuse is the negative behaviour or treatment of a certain person with the purpose to harm her. There are many ways of abuse, which are all actively practised nowadays.

For example, physical abuse may be characterized through beating, making injuries for an individual; sexual abuse is also the type of physical abuse which includes different forms of sexual exploitation of a person and it is obvious such treatment affects the body and the soul terribly. Besides, there is moral abuse, when the person is not beaten but neglected, shouted at, humiliated. Such kind of treatment affects human psychics badly, provokes stress, and reduces self-esteem and self-respect. Abuse is a widespread phenomenon among children. Nowadays nearly every child experienced child abuse on his own skin at school. When the kid differs somewhat from the others or has any disabilities or obesity, he will be surely abused at school.

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Children are cruel and always enjoy humiliating weaker and different mates. Parents and teachers should keep an eye on their children in order to detect the situation of abuse in the class; otherwise the consequences can be negative. Besides, when people consume various substances which influence their mind and mood – it is also abuse, named substance abuse. The examples of the abuse are: drugs, alcohol, steroids, and various chemical substances which alter mood for some time. Evidently, this type of abuse is extremely harmful for human body and mind and even dangerous for health.Abuse is the common problem nowadays and it touches upon all spheres of human life and activity.

For example, there are known such kinds of abuse as child abuse, racial abuse, abuse in the workplace, sexual abuse, so people are abused and humiliated everywhere and all the time, that is why the problem is really urgent and requires quick and effective solutions. A student who has decided to complete a case study on the topic will have to do his best to find out about the types and methods of abuse which exist in human society to be able to analyze the topic well, from the point of view of the professional. He will need to research the case, understand the reason which has caused abuse and value the effect or consequences of the humiliation suggested for the investigation.Students are supposed to suggest high-quality solutions of the problem and in order to do it successfully, one should read a lot and borrow experience of the experts. A free example case study on abuse elderly is a good source of information for young people who are looking for good help with writing.

When one reads a free sample case study on child abuse, he will not only collect extra data for the research, but will see the proper organization of the paper with his own eyes.